RE: Btw Amb.Chikwe and Mrs.Diezani Allison-Madueke. Heartbroken anonymous Nigerian woman responds.

An excellent write up from a young Nigerian woman who posted this comment in response to the blog piece: Btw: Amb.Kema Chikwe and Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke.  Due to the length of the post, it went into the SPAM folder. I have decided to post this piece so we could circulate it on Social Media websites using the share feature on the Blog.


I feel so bad, that we are talking of two and three term candidates. When we haven’t asked what one term of their appointment has produced. I don’t see how we forget that these people are supposed to be public administrators, administering funds on behalf of public good, yet they do and we demand, nothing.

Why do they have to be in the running? Why are their names being mentioned? Are there no other women in Nigeria, women who are passionate about their country, educated and ready to be accountable-not from the world bank or harvard-politicians in other countries havent got those qualifications yet they manage to have electricity and good roads.

Why can’t we appoint Women in their 30s and 40s who are visionaries? Women who have energy and passion? why the hell would we refer to public administrators as Nda and Aunty? When did we become related to them? (Administrator, that is disappointing, as you set the tone for the rest of this forum, please stop with all the platitudes)

Our failing is to speak the truth when we see it. In order to ‘respect’ our elders, while our younger ones perish and die. Isn’t it time we stopped fattening the cows? People go into office to provide for their children and live lavish lives, we accept it, yet our country and futures are squandered carelessly.

I suggest we demand more from our country and our government. People need to be appointed due to merit. They need to publish their achievements and be accountable to the duties of their office.It is not easy, but it can be done. We are not here for a popularity contest, we are not voting for Miss congeniality or Miss ‘happening’ but for leaders and leadership. How many of these women have developed younger people, (not their friend’s children) but the masses, how many of them empower the average nigerian woman out of prostitution both on the street corners and in the boardroom?

Nigerians are suffering, our women most especially and people who have done nothing get to come back and do it all over again for 4yrs? Please people, it’s time for a change. Demand change from these bad examples. People are killing themselves and others for these offices, because once you get there, there is no turning back and that should not be the way. A public sector appointment is not a marriage, till death do us part does not apply. If you are not doing your job, you need to vacate and let capable hands take over.

Sorry to go on, but I am truly heart broken for what is a beautiful blessed country. I would happily work for Nigeria for free. I have a home and my own business, I don’t need to fly 1st class around the world every week to know I am alive. A day at the beach is as much luxury as I need.

I would run for office if I wasn’t afraid that my very life will be taken by those who need this position more than I do. But, I pray that one day I will get the courage to stand up and fight for what I believe in. There are published reports from the UN that rate women in Nigeria the bottom of all common wealth countries, as worst place to be a girl? Nigeria? Of all places. Yet we discuss 4th term ministers? Don’t make me cry. It is worse that a sad state of affairs.

I pray that by the next election, I will have the courage. If you already have it, do something.

– Heartbroken Nigerian Woman.

I love to read more of  such intellectual pieces from fellow young women like myself. Gone are the days we club away dancing to Awilo Logomba. . . . .  Parading the Hilton in Abuja hoping to be noticed by one Senator or Minister. . . Runs no dey pay anymore. I think that its about time our young women  begin to think of ways we could improve our country.

ATTN: Heartbroken/Anonymous: Kindly reach out to imostate at gmail . com please.

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