RE:”Okorocha lied, he did not meet Igbo’s in Kano.” – Idika. SSA Media, Chinedu Offor responds.

The internet is awash with the recent inflammatory remark made by the Chairman, Ohaneze Kano Chapter, Chief Tobias Idika. Media reports attributed to Chief Idika stated that Governor Okorocha “lied” about his trip and did not meet with Igbos on his visit.

 As a follow up to our initial post on that statement,  IMO STATE contacted  the Government House to get clarity on the activities of  Governor  Rochas Okorocha during his recent visit to Kano.

Reacting to the media report, Senior Special Assistant  to the  Governor on Media, Mr. Chinedu Offor   issued  the following response:

I am really relucant to join and trivilize an issue which is clearly a national tragedy. That some people are interested in scoring political points rather commending the initiative of Governor Okorocha on his on-the-spot assessment of the Kano tragedy is a surprise.

To expect Governor Okorocha to tour all parts of Kano during what is a clearly a precarious security situation is unfair. The Governor during the trip met with several representatives of to condole the people that their security is of paramount importance to his government.

Rather than engaging in the macabre game of the groups he met and did not meet during the trip, Governor Okorocha should be commended for being the first south east leader in the midst of exploding bombs and grave security threats. His Excellency will continue to make trips to other troubled parts of the Country where the safety of Igbos are threatened.


These are not times for finding faults with a man with good intentions who took a dangerous trip on behalf of his people to ensure the survival of ndigbo regardless of which state they reside in. His Excellency believes Nigeria is for us all and we should all work together to build a nation of our dreams. Surely, Imo and Nigeria must be better. His Excellency’s thoughts and prayers go out to those who have lost loved ones.

Chinedu Offor

Senior Special Assistant to Governor Okorocha on  Media

February 1st, 2012

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