Re: Okorocha, Ihedioha and the Political War in Imo State – By: Victor Ogbonnaya, Esq

old manThe article with the above title written by one Precious Eze and posted in the internet clearly reveals itself as another packet of falsehood hatched by a desperate hatchet writer paid by political opponents in another failed attempt to denigrate the rising political profile of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON,KSC.

The article purports to cast the Deputy Speaker as disrespectful of national symbols especially the National Anthem.‎ Truth of the matter as witnessed by myself at the venue of the event is that Hon. Ihedioha came for the conference when the National Anthem had been taken.

What the writer purports to be the sitting posture of the Deputy Speaker clearly is when aides of Governor Rochas Okorocha stood up in the usual sycophantic manner to give a longer than necessary applause to their principal after his usual rabble rousing speech which was in its entirety, hollow and indeed lacking in intellect moreso coming frm someone who claims be a learning colleague of the Conferees, and has continued to generate condemnation by the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA.

As the nation’s number Sixth citizen in the order of National Protocol and one who does not suffer fools gladly, Hon. Ihedioha had no reason to keep standing for a prolonged applause like feeding bottle Okorocha’s aides.

For the records, the Deputy Speaker arrived after both the National Anthem and the illegal Imo State Anthem had been taken. His aides would later make some of us who wondered why he came late understand that the deputy speaker had only just arrived the country that morning from an overseas trip and only had to rush to Owerri that same morning to honour the NBA that invited him to the opening ceremony of their conference.

The lying picture posted in some online platform showing Hon. Ihedioha seated was when the governor finished making his speech and people stood up to applaud him. Incidentally, he had joined others in the applause of the executive governor. It is sheer mischief to claim that he refused to stand up while the national and state Anthem (which in any case is an illegal contraption not recognised by Imo State laws and imposed by a governor habitually disrespectful of due process and rule of law) as going on.

As a Flag Officer, the Deputy Speaker understands and indeed pays due respect to national symbols and rites. Indeed, the write up is another act of desperation by those who are afraid of Hon. Emeka Ihedioha’s growing popularity. I still cannot fathom the reason why no week, day, month or even hour passes by without them raising dust where there should be no sand about the Deputy Speaker. Am happy Imolites are enlightened and know the truth. Only time will vindicate all of us.

Written by Victor Ogbonnaya, Esq

Ogbonnaya writes from Orlu, Imo state



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