Citizens in Diaspora react to Gov.Ikedi Ohakim's defeat.

-“Mr. Ikedi Ohakim hahahahahahahaha. No more “Excellency”. You are so arrogant. You deserve what you got. Now let me see you fly those your little prostitutes from South Africca all over the world again.  You are done for life. Am celebrating with wine. I was celebrating with the most expensive WINES. I was waiting for this day. All those your little ashawo’s in Lagos and South Africa are done too. You are going to jail. For destroying Imo State, For stealing from PPA, For destroying Cosmos Iwu, Chief. Martin Agbaso,  Sen. Ifeanyi  Araraume,  Sen. Osita Izunaso,  and the rest. We can’t wait to nail you. You will rust in JAIL! – Signed by Ohakim Haters

– A new word has been added to the lexicon of Nigerian political dictionary. The word is ohakimism. The meaning? A political ideology which encourages the use of violence, fraud, social disorganization, corruption and electoral malpractices and all forms of illegalities to score cheap political goals. The founder of this ideology is Ikedi Ohakim, the tired and retired Imo State 419 governor who will soon be on the run.

-“To have served as a governor for 4yrs aint a joke.For surviving d pressure and everything….. That makes u a great man………. But learning from ur mistakes and making positive use of it ‘ll make you a greater man . U ROCK”

-“When the wicked leave power, the people shout hahaahahahahahahaha. Ohakim, oya comot here. common comot here. u no dey fear. if I gbooooozzzz u now. u dey kolo? odika isi adighi gi nma ooo. i go wound u now. common carry ur wife commot. two people wey dey talk like ndi ara…”

-“I strongly recommend that IKIRI be remanded in KIRIKIRI prison before he flies away. He must have to face the trial for all the atrocities he committed while he oversead the affairs of Ndi Imo”

-“If i were you, i will just look for the nearest transformer and hug it in frustration….. loll bcos u must be hunted by the appropriate agents to give account of the 50billion naira u borrowed from the stock market which we are yet to see the reflection……and LG allocation u hv been stealing b4 Gej forced u to conduct LG elections last year plus including etc……u insulted OWELLE, 4 that ur book must be checked….mumu…his excellency my foot”

-The award goes to Ikedi Godson Ikiri Ohakim the executive governor of Imo State…………….. Congratulation Sir on your award as the WORST & MOST HATED Governor Imo State have ever had since the creation of the state.


With gratitude 2 almighty God 4 a tenure terribly spent. We regret 2 announce d sudden NATIONAL DISGRACE of our political maradona Chief Dr. Sir. Ikedi Ohakim aka Ikiri Imo aka Ochi Ka Nwata. Till his sudden disgrace he was d Tormentor-In-Chief of Imo ppl. He is survived by:

Oguta Wonder Lake – Billboard
Royal Oak Refinery Ohaji – Billboard
Nworie River Resort – Magazine
Owerri Ring Road – Billboard
10,000 Jobs 4 Youths – Newspaper
300 Roads in 30 Days – Radio, Tv & Newspapers Advert
Imo Int’l Cargo Airport – Internet
Okigwe Int’l Stadium – Internet
Imo Twin Towers – Billboard
Various Road Projects FULLY COMPLETED – Billboard
IMO: Imo Meets Opportunity – DSTV advert
And host of other relations… Pls attach ur tribute & circulate…

Imo People
Chief Mourner

-“Fool, rogue, thief, ungratefull element,bandit….look at the condition u put oguta lake motels….we cant afford our school fees again….u have defrauded us through ur online job creation….thereby creating unemployment and increasing hunger in our state………pls understand that u are a failed man and go back to maryland and continue ur 419 business……..thnx 4 ur understanding”

-“Dear Ohakim,it was such a pain to see u boast on Tv dat Government is about structures and not dancing about on
camera.Oppression is a wrong style in governance,Do u know that Imo citizens crafted a coffin with ur name on it today @ the victory dance in owerri.What a shame,I have never seen a man this hated by his people,Take a leave and reflect on this thing,Let ur inner conscience speak to u.The truth is that Imo citizens will not rest until u are punished with Efcc but the only way -out is 4 u to knell down on tv and beg imo citizens to forgive u for ur mistakes.We could forgive u if u do that with sincerity.”

-“I was told that you were very intelligent but surprised to see you making avoidable mistakes. Ekwueme & others … Why did you allow A. Nzeribe to campaign for u, u claimed that u single handedly gave our President Imo votes. Why didn’t you deliver yourself. U abused power by suppressing opposition thinking that the state is a personal estate. Next time u find urself in authority (if ever), treat every human with respect. The exit of no leader has been celebrated Imo state like yours. Take heart as u reflect”

– A new word has now been introduced into the English Dictionary. Ohakim (Adjective) meaning; the act of being terribly disgraced, rejected and carricatured inspite of previous boast about success. Eg: Kevin was Ohakimed out of his job as managing director of the Bank. Other usage include; Ohakimously, Ohakimed.

– “hahahahhahahhahhahaha I dey laugh…..I heard from Imo citizen that why Rochas pick up Gubernatorial ticket was because of the abuse you rendered to him on his Birthday party in an old stadium…..I know by now you which you could turn the hands of time? If is true, If i am to be Rochas a day after swearing me in as the Governor of Imo state the next Day EFCC and CPC will be knocking in your door.”

“what happened to Ikedi Ikiri Ohakim is a lesson to each and everyone of us.The man ignored the word of God which says”Touch not my anointed and do my Prophet no harm” Immediately he go contrary to that word of God, The Almighty God releases His wrath upon him and he case becomes a case of Pharaoh whom God hardened his heart in order to punish him.Ohakim personally assaulted an Ordained priest. and the whole Owerri Catholic Archdiocese went down on their knees on fasting and prayers and God arises in anger and made Ohkim so heart hardened that he refuse to see that he is heading for a doom. He is now a fugitive in his own land. Very soon the arm of the law will grab him and make Kirikiri maximum prison Kuje prison his house. God is not done with him unless he repent and come out publicly to confess his sin. His case should be a lesson to all of us.”

-“Ohakim, the 15 teams of EFCC has left Abuja to Owerri to probe you. Be ready and wait for them as no immunity will cover you again. Remember Ibori your friend, he looks like a half cast now because of the condition he found himself. In your whole life you will never forget today 7th day of May 2011. There i no way you will sleep today without dreaming of Governor Rochas. Good luck and I look forward in visiting you in prison.”

-“I WILL WIN WITH LARGE MARGIN. MY PEOPLE ARE WITH ME. AM ON GROUND AND NOT ON AIR”. Those were the words on Ikedi ohakim on 26 april 2011 after casting his vote. Now, who is deceiving who? This man has got too much pride. Thank God he has been shown the way out. Let us see if he can still beat up journalist and reverend fathers after may 29.”

-“Kim Kim your mouth killed your political career. The bible says some trust in horses and some trust in chariots but I will remember the name of the Lord. It also states the The horse is prepared 4 battle but VICTORY is of the Lord. You trust on money and power, they both failed you but what should have helped U, ur character, u were bankrupt. Accept my condolence.”

-“Ohakim, the 15 teams of EFCC has left Abuja to Owerri to probe you. Be ready and wait for them as no immunity will cover you again. Remember Ibori your friend, he looks like a half cast now because of the condition he found himself. In your whole life you will never forget today 7th day of May 2011. There i no way you will sleep today without dreaming of Governor Rochas. Good luck and I look forward in visiting you in prison.”

-“The joyful noise in Imo State today, humbly express and entail that the people of Imo State have been in bondage for 4 years. When the Lord delivered Zion from Bondage, it was like a dream (Psalm 125). Our own deliverance has been like a dream also. Congratulations for the successful freedom to the Imolites.”

-“Kim,u have every reason to celebrate cos had it been that Araraume was the one who won,ur case will be like Muberak Egypt,and Gbagbo of Ivory Coast.”
“Where is EFCC, please. All the N50,000 shared by Ohakim in Ngor Okpala and the rest LGAs must be investigated. He must go to jail, the Ibori – Alams mate. Alao Akala to follow”

“This is tyme to move Imo forward – Ikedi Ohakim.”

If u had moved imo Forward in ur tyme, Imo wuld hv already bin in the fore-front now and needing only maintenance. But u didnt, now u want anoda person to move it. We don hear bros. thank u. Whether u talk or u no talk, must to move Imo 4ward dis tyme. Infact dat na d reaon why we took d paddle from u. Ur name is Ikedi, but u lack strenght. ur own strenght is demonstrated only in talking. You shall live to see the goodness of God in Imo State. It is now Imo is in the hands of God. All those times u told us Imo was in the hands of God, na ur hands we dey see..”

-“Ohakim is a smart criminal. His congratulatory message is meant to assuage the anger of the people of Imo and get a pardon from Owelle. If he’s remorseful, let him go on air and ask Imolites for pardon, but that will not stop justice. Sorry, Ikiri. U will be probed and u will serve ur jail term.”

Source: Official Facebook Page

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