READERS’ MAIL: A word of caution to our dear Joi John.

 My humble note to our dear Joi John, a blogger of repute:

Joi John; your tune now days have begun to lose the luster that collectively made you our darling of bloggers. Please note; constructive critics without given in remains a hallmark of true patriot; not a negate or against for our dear governor; I note for sometime with significant concern as an advocate for the people; poor and down trodden in our communities; your most recent about turn in your trend of blog away from the advocacy of the poor clearly are worrisome and disturbing to those of us who have counted on you!

You now sound as a mouth piece, an extension of the administration and a toeing feet for their line of action such line that appear to border on projection of their activities that need be the exclusive prerogative of the government’s establishes media outlet; Please note that you won our heart by your fearless brand in telling the truth on behalf of the poor, and down trodden.

Do not sell out on your brand for immediate favor as is the way of the Nigerian condition such piece on the chief of staff pointing out your blog during his 48th birthday with his visit to the so called home for less privilege and your now caption who say the governor does listen; In my mind is a laughable venture as the struggle, advocacy and push for the improvement of the plight of the poor and better governance in our state should not be an occasionally the rich and the famous birthday thing!!!

This fights for the less and under privilege; cum responsible governance is and will remain a daily thing not a Sunday- Sunday medicine!!!


Philip Ekeson



Quite frankly, I loved this mail. I felt it was sincere.


For others who share the same views as Mr.Ekeson, let it be clear that IMO STATE BLOG is NOT an extension of the IMO STATE GOVERNMENT. While others may use similar platforms to lobby for favors from the Government, be rest assured that our conscience is not cheap.

We understand that we owe it to our readers to be unbiased in  our reportings. We will report the good, bad and the ugly. Last month when the issue of Demolition came up, it was highlighted here.    Where the administration does well, we will applaud them. In the same breathe, if there are any kuru-kere activities that raise a red flag, we will use our medium to present it to the court of public opinion.   

With that said, I sincerely thank you for taking out the time to express these concerns. They are well noted.  


Joi John

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