READERS MAIL: Please, help to find Uche Nwole from Imo State

To the administration or the staff of IMO STATE BLOG. At april 26, 2011 there was information about condidate from { PPA } for the IMO Gubernatarial Elections – Uche Nwole.

I am from Kazakhstan republic, I were  live in Nigeria from 1993-1996 and I know Uche Nwole and his family. I remamber all of them as a good people, generous and friendly. We was doing an international business but since I live Lagos at 1996 I did not see them all. If you can help me to find them a specialy prince Uche Nwole, maybe he can give you his E-mail adress. Thank you for co-operation.

Askar Djambulatov with best regards.

EDITORS NOTE: Please does anyone know how we can help this our reader in Kazakhstan to locate Mr. Nwole?  Last we heard of him, we went back to his Evangelism Ministry work when he lost out in his bid to become Governor.

If you have contact details , you may email us directly – imo state blog at gmail dot com so we can get intouch with Mr. Nwole first. Thanks

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