READERS MAIL: RE – PETITION: Abuse of Office and corruption by Mr.Steve Ngiga (DPO, Ezinihitte Division)


It is not surprising that there are a lot of bad apples in the NPF, what is surprising though is that finally some one has grown a set of balls to confront and call out a senior police officer. I am glad that our people have started to understand that the police is meant to serve and protect and not to extort and intimidate. Our salvation is only in education.

The more citizens are enlightened about their rights the better. An educated voter will always make an informed decision and will wisely use his vote as his voice. Corruption has become the silent cancer in Nigeria that has not only stunted our economic growth as a nation but has placed us in an unviable position amongst emerging nations.

Nigeria has been often denied its rightful place when it comes to dealing with civilized nations because of our get rich quick mentality. It’s the national cake lets share it syndrome. Students can  not get through college without lecturers asking for cash payments for grades {males} and in kind for females. The judicial system is one of the most corrupt the world over. No election can be free, no one ever gets the people’s mandate unless he or she buys the votes. From ministers, commissioners and governors, the country has been robbed blind. Our young men and women all want to drive the latest version of any brand of automobile without working for it.


Unemployment has reached levels never seen in our history. No one is getting employed unless you have Abraham as your father. Members of the national  assembly taking home sinful and shameful salaries while the country burns and no one puts an honest days work for payment.

It is not only the NPF, the whole system has broken down irreparable. ninety  percent of documents that come out of Nigeria are rejected by the United States and the West because no one trusts us. At the airports we are searched with impunity, humiliated in the full glare of the rest of the world because your birth place is Nigeria. You take kola nuts to board a an international flight out of Nigeria and members of the customs will demand bribe from you or you can leave it for them to share afterwards should you refuse to oblige. In all, corruption is not something alien to us it’s a part of who we are as a people. The shame of it is that even in developed countries you are denied a job not because your not qualified for it but because you are a Nigerian and the general belief is that as a Nigerian your embed with corrupt tendencies and that is a tragedy.

I sincerely hope that this gentleman’s cry for action and justice will not fall into deaf ears. The NPF has always been a disgrace from its inception, and yet state a clamoring for state out fits to see who out does the other. Where a politician can use his police force to intimidate and harass his opponents. My concern is that with the police secret code of protecting their own, and the wheel of justice that turns at a snail’s speed unless we keep this issue in the front burner nothing will get done.

Submitted by: Fabian Ekeanyanwu

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