READERS MAIL: Unmerited appointment of Nkiru Sylvanus as Special Assistant

The article below was submitted in response to the appointment of  Actress Nkiru Sylvanus as Special Assistant  / to Gov.Rochas Okorocha  posted here – EXCLUSIVE: NKIRU SYLVANUS SPEAKS ON APPOINTMENT AS SPECIAL ADVISER TO GOV. OKOROCHA

We all have a right to our opinions.

On a broader perspective, aside from the writers disapproval of Ms.Sylvanus for this position, she raises salient points between the lines of this mail. Please read…

Wonders shall never end in Nigeria. I am even surprised she can construct English this far. Followed her closely during her active Nollywood days, naive and couldn’t express herself well on set. Really, Nigeria amazes me.

Is she the only one that worked ‘so hard’ to get the Governor in power? @ Winternights: I laughed after reading the interview, but when I read your comments, another episode of laughter followed suit. Our leaders are generally visionless. I am a great admirer of Rochas Okorocha but after seeing his longlist of SAs and this interview, I no longer know what to think.

Madam Sylvanus must know that appointments are not giving in developed nations because ‘I worked so hard for him during the elections’. You need to be briefed before knowing what you can do in your office? Oh! I am so shocked! You must have been so good your position came as a surprise (out of the something million people in Imo state). I weep for Nigeria everyday. We have refused to let people who can elevate us from our present situation lead us in governance. They impoverish the citizens, so they can give us a plate of porridge during elections for our votes. The persons making up his cabinet should have been thoroughly interviewed, before picking candidates.

Yes, because Imo people voted him, not as a result of him working hard. They should have been asked what recommendations they can make to foster good governance in Imo state, It’s not enough that you want to help the less privileged, that is national anthem. The way we run governance is sickening and appalling! People are suffering. All they are asking is for a better standard of living. Put the right persons to work with you, who have the training, experience, and can make good recommendations. Fifty SAs will batter the already crippled Imo economy, even if Rochas will pay them from his pocket.

There is an SA for comedy. This is a joker! Are these jobs sustainable? What is the budget for each office? What are the commissioners doing with a load of SAs? A liason officer doesn’t need to be an SA. Why the publicity? We shouldn’t copy governance from the developed nations, only parts of what we like and introduce ‘ you know me, i know him’.

Our leaders must wake up. We are lagging behind in matters of the world. You don’t need a youth to tell you what he wants because if he asks you for a blackberry phone and unemployed, then it doesn’t make sense. Our society needs food security, clean water, sustainable light, clean public toilets, waste disposal system that doesn’t pollute our underground water, training our youths in good schools abroad with a ‘must’ to come back and develop the technology in Nigeria, jobs, good transport system, roads that do not encourage accidents, good medical system, care for our young and the old – they should never pay for anything, contractors that are accountable and will provide good service, a programme that can move Imo state from a state with no resources to that making it’s own income. How about establishing schools with foreigners from Europe and America as tutors and realising revenue from students from other Nigerian states? It will boost the Imo economy and help raise the educational standard of Nigeria.

Our degrees are not regarded abroad, but this would get recognition. How about setting up pyrolysis, digesters and gasification plants that will care for the unsightful waste heaps in Owerri and still provide electricity? Can this electricity be sold to neighbouring towns like Port Harcourt and Aba? The list is endless. Nigeria must rise from its slumber and deliver good governance.

I hope  Governor Okorocha  will not betray the trust rested on him. Ohakim’s case is a good lesson.


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