READERS MAIL: Where are the 305 schools claimed to have been built in Imo State?

“Governor Rochas Okorocha further enumerated the achievements in the education sector to include free education to the tertiary level, improved subvention of N252 million to Imo State University from N56 million, improved subvention of N98 million to Imo State Polytechnics’, Umuagwo from N45 million, construction of Imo College of Advanced Professional Studies [ICAPS], Young Scientist College and 305 European standard schools in the state.”


In the statement above issued today by the Imo State Government, thegovernor claimed to have built “305 European standard schools in the state“, where in the state are these schools? If you are in Imo State right, kindly tell us if you have been seen any in your neighbourhood. As for my town in Assa Ohaji, NONE has been built.




– Joel Nwokeoma



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