REJOINDER: Alleged N62 billion fraud and the call for Ohakim’s arrest.

With reference to: N62 Billion Fraud: Groups Call for Ohakim’s Arrest and Prosecution. +  Bombshell: Report on N62 Billion suspected fraud from June 2007 – May 2011.

For those who think IMO STATE BLOG, C. Ubochi and some other commentators are pro PDP or Ohakim and anti Okorocha we are sorry to disappoint you.

At the end of this unwarranted commotion about the yet to be verified report currently in circulation and purporting to represent Imo State Accounts from June 2007 to May 2011, together with you our dear readers we will congratulate Governor Okorocha and his administration if they are able to walk  their talk.

However, I am yet to see a slight indication from Imo State Government House to authenticate this published report. Should there be an official indication from Imo state government that this report is genuine then lovers of Imo State like myself will join forces to call for Ex-governor Ohakim and his cohorts to face the music. I have searched the official website of Imo State Government and can’t find this report. This publication is not official and cannot therefore be relied on. We need an official statement from Imo State Government House to clarify the genuineness of this report. I have not read the report and would not until it is satisfied as genuine by the publishers.

For a government to allow such a publication to overheat the state without dousing it, is mischievous. We, Imolites as it states in the Imo State Government’s official website are the ‘Brain Box of the Nation’. I love the description and we are living it up. I call on all lovers of Imo to ask Imo State Government House to make an official statement on this publication. That is what any sensible government will do at times like this. This politics must stop!!!

I state categorically that it is right for all previous governments to give account of their stewardship. Likewise it is also right for the present government to be accountable to its citizens. I therefore reserve my comment on the report until such a time as its authenticity is established. People calling for Ex-governor Ohakim’s head should ask themselves why has the government remained mute on the report.

For avoidance of doubt, I have never met Ex-governor Ohakim or any of his friends and I do not look forward to meeting any of them. That said, I advice Ex-governor Ohakim and his cohorts to be thoughtful. The published document whether authentic or a sham calls for an official statement from all concerned. There’s nothing wrong with the publication of this document by IMO STATE BLOG but there’ll be everything wrong, in all concerned not reacting and allowing our dear state to go into commotion. This report is beer parlour-rumours for the time being. We need an official statement from the Government House and we anxiously await replies from the accused.

Imolites, let us live up to our ‘Brain Box of the Nation’ status. ‘Let us shine our eyes.’ For sycophants who will always attack us no matter what we write, I advice you to seek citizenship of another state. We are the ‘Brain Box of the Nation’! Should the published document turn out to be a mirage I and other critics will make our submissions without fear or favour.

I love Imo state.

I am a member of Lawyers for Justice – Justice without fear –

We live forever.




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