REJOINDER: Fraud in Imo Speakers Office.

attentionOur attention has been drawn to publications that have appeared in the trumpeta newspaper of March 6th 2014, titled ‘’Fraud in Imo Speakers Office’’ and the Newsbearer magazine front-page of March 2014 titled ‘’Mr Speaker of fraud’’.

The office of the Rt Honorable Speaker wishes to inform the general public that there exists a well orchestrated plan to peddle unbridled falsehood and blatant lies, to blackmail the office and person of the Speaker through publications of falsehood, blatant lies and outright fabrications in their quest to bring the Speaker to disrepute and or, obtain financial inducements.

The General public needs to know that these media Houses are very much aware of the unfounded nature of these allegations made by a former aide of the Speaker and still went ahead to publish them without seeking any clarifications or simple investigations of these allegations. The aim of these media houses is to insult, incite, and criminally blackmail the Speaker for financial gains especially when it became clear that the Rt Hon Speaker was not prepared to spend a dime for the publications to be dropped, instead they resorted to publishing their unsubstantiated stories at the behest of a well known politician who sponsored this negative publications, small wonder the Newsbearer sent out text messages and even called on people to purchase the newspapers/magazines at designated points and when people refused to buy, they shared the magazines for free.
The office of The Rt Hon speaker has on different forum and publications reacted and debunked all the allegations that was published by the Trumpeta newspaper and the Newsbearer magazine which was published widely by national and state newspapers, including on the Internet, crime facts and the Nigerian Horn of 17 February 2014, we further challenged the purveyors of this falsehood to publish the addresses and pictures of these fabulous mansions, Hotels, Crush rock factory and 540 million naira asphalt plant including the 200 plots of land in Owerri to enable Imolites confirm the veracity of their claims. But it has remained a shock to us that the Trumpeta, which ought to be a newspaper, relied on, by a section of the public for legitimate information, could publish unfounded allegations that has been debunked personally by the office and person of the Speaker without any documentary evidence or proper investigation as it is required of a credible media house. It’s difficult to believe that a media House could swallow the allegations sent through an email hook line and sinker, without any verification or documentary evidence to support the claim.

In clarification we reiterate that these allegations are blatant lies and exists only in the imaginations of the people orchestrating this wicked and malicious campaign of calumny and their sponsors, we further challenge them and indeed the anti corruption agencies (EFCC & ICPC) who are already in receipt of this petition to present to Imolites and Nigerians indeed evidence of the existence of all these alleged acquired properties and we indeed confirm that the Rt Hon Speaker will be prepared to take the honourable way out, if these allegations are confirmed to be true.

We challenge the TRUMPETA NEWSPAPERS AND THE NEWSBEARER to provide documentary evidence in support of the following allegations;

1. 90 Ghost workers in the Speakers office? Publish the names without any delay.

2. N500 million crush Rock factory in Ebonyi State: Provide any evidence, picture, C of O, lease document in relation to this.

3. Built an Asphalt Factory in Owerri worth N500 million. Please provide papers, registration of business, and asset valuation report.

4. Bought 200 plots of land in Owerri : Please name the exact location, is it in one area or scattered within Owerri, area, pictures to prove your claims

5. 15 Mansions in Owerri Aba, Umuahia and Ihitte Uboma, please attach pictures, name of street, C of O, to prove you are credible.

7. N500 million private hotel in Abuja. Please provide name, pictures, papers and street name for the world to verify.

8. N750 million hotel in Lagos. Pictures, name of hotel,l location and address papers, c of o., company that is handling all these hotels.

9. Award of road contracts, please publish the purported letter of award, the contracting company and value of the contract.

If we may ask, how much is the monthly subvention of the Imo State House of Assembly State to accommodate these claims, on what basis will the Speaker of a House of Assembly be responsible for award of Road contracts, much less the Chief of Staff to the Speaker.

The office of the Rt Hon Speaker wishes to inform Imolites that the Rt Hon Speaker, Rt Hon Benjamin Uwajumogu does not own any inch of land in Abuja or Lagos either in his name or by proxy as at 12th of March 2014 and is not negotiating to own any land in these places, the Rt Hon Speaker remains in the Vanguard of those urging Imolites to invest here in Imo State. We challenge anybody to bring evidence to the contrary.

We hereby demand that the TRUMPETA NEWSPAPERS AND THE NEWSBEARER magazine to within 7days from today, publish evidence to back up their claims or retract the fictitious and unfounded allegations they published or in the alternative be prepared to meet us in the law courts.

Chukwuemeka Ahaneku

SSA Media to the Speaker IMHA.



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