REJOINDER: Okorocha’s N62 Billion naira probe of the Ikedi Ohakim administration.

This is all Politics!!! Politics!!! and more Politics!!!

The current threat by Governor Okorocha’s administration is simply bait in futility. Imolites and lovers of Imo state the world over had repeatedly asked Governor Okorocha to probe his predecessors. Almost 2 years and suddenly he is about to selectively probe the Ohakim’s administration.

Governor Okorocha has previously been quoted as saying that he would not probe his predecessors because there are no evidence. Has evidence suddenly germinated against Ohakim’s administration? Will more germinate against Udenwa’s administration when at the pleasure of Governor Okorocha?.Can interested parties please tell Governor Okorocha not to play politics with all of us? With due respect, as our governor, some Imolites are apolitical and sincerely love him. Let him not lose them; for that will make him a political nomad. His charity begins in Imo state.

Governor Okorocha, being ‘the only wise man’ in Imo state, takes us all for fools. He has now vowed to recover about N62 billion discovered to have been looted by Ohakim’s government. He has now, suddenly, received a report from Imo State Committee on Account Reconciliation showing a shortfall of about N62 billion from May 2007 to May 2011. He is now setting up a Panel of Inquiry. All these, following EFCC’s recent investigation into the financial misconduct of his government and the invitation and interrogation of his Finance Commissioner and Accountant General. Who is he fooling?

Okorocha’s administration now sees everything wrong with the past PDP government. Okorocha’s administration thinks PDP is the reason for EFCC’s interest in his government; he now wants to probe the Ohakim’s PDP government. Governor Okorocha should bury his head in shame. His administration is misguided. Imo citizens celebrating this sudden change of mind should look beyond the obvious. We are being taken for a ride. Will this probe still be there when the EFCC put a blind eye on Imo state? For me, I personally feel insulted by Governor Okorocha’s recent turnaround to probe the Ohakim’s government. Not because it is wrong but because he is making us believe he is doing so for the love of Imo state.

Governor Okorocha has inaugurated a Panel of Inquiry to look into all contracts awarded by the Ohakim’s administration. He already has evidence in the form of the report from Imo State Committee on Account Reconciliation showing a shortfall of about N62 billion. Let him first of all make that public and submit it to the EFCC for a start. Then we will know he is not bluffing. We know how Okorocha’s bluff will end.


Immediately the EFCC drops the investigation against his administration, hewill drop his reprisal probe against Ohakim. I was in full support of probing the Ohakim’s and Udenwa’s government but not as a witch-hunt. If Governor Okorocha believed that former Governor Ohakim’s administration have questions to answer then he should not have built a ‘befitting guest house’ for him.

The mansion was a bribe to former Governor Ohakim and Udenwa for them to keep mute while he wreck Imo State treasury dry. As you will agree with me, experience is the best teacher. A past corrupt governor will be the first to pinpoint corruption in government. Corrupt governors has done it, lived it and so they know the ins and outs of it all. The former living governors of Imo state, Ohakim and Udenwa, will be the first to notice Governor Rochas’s excesses. How best therefore to keep them mute; save to bribe them.

Instead of probing them as was being clamoured by the majority of Imolites our then beloved governor, Governor Okorocha built a mansion for them in Owerri Imo state despite knowing that these former governors have several houses in Owerri. They even have streets named after them with at least one or two buildings in that street belonging to them. They have several houses they don’t need and cannot sleep in two places at the same time in Owerri. As I am informed they don’t even sleep in their mansions while in Owerri as they prefer the presidential suites in hotels.

This probe from the looks of things is a witch-hunt and fixed as bait to stop the EFCC’s investigation. The EFCC would not be fooled. They owe Imolites a duty to investigate all past Imo state governors and the current government should there be evidence of embezzlement or corruption no matter how small that is. Let all interested persons keep this smokescreen in mind. The outcome of this I predict will determine Governor Okorocha’s political future.

This looming probe is Act 1: scene 1. We await Act 1: scene 2 with warning to former governor Udenwa. Should ACN antagonise Governor Okorocha, a report of Imo State Committee on Account Reconciliation showing a shortfall of billions of Naira from May 1999 to May 2007 would popup. Then a Panel of Inquiry will be set up.


What a way to govern a people!

Written by C.Ubochi






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