Release funds to us or we fail you on election day – APC candidates to Okorocha

APC-LogoReports have it that there is uneasy calm in the camp of Imo APC as their candidates for the general election are accusing the Governor of being selfish and only bothering about his own re-election bid.

The candidates are angry that the Governor has refused to release funds to facilitate their campaigns to boost their chances of winning come the 28th March, 2015 election. An offer by the Governor to give all Senatorial candidate N20Million and N10Million for the Rep’s did not go down with them as they felt the money could not go far.

The Governor was quoted saying he would only release money to the booths for delivery of the party’s candidates but they challenged this saying any intervention must come from the campaign.

Most of them are of the opinion that they can’t be in the ruling party and still be running campaigns under lack like parties in opposition. They therefore warned that should the Governor watch them lose on the 28th March out of lack of funds, he should also prepare to lose on the 11th day of April at the Governorship poll.

Submitted by: E. Okoro





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