REPORT FROM ONDO STATE: Does Rochas know about this?


  • That there is a satelite campus of Imo State Polytechnic at C.A.C Grammar school, Ondo Road, Akude, Ondo State? 

  • That majority of the students have either PASS or FAIL in maths and English nor the two?

  • That sexual and unprofessional and unimaginable high standard of moral decay?

  • That students slap and walk away on their so called lecturers, and sometimes order the rest students to walk away along with him if they dont like the face of the lecturer.

  • That less than 20 lecturers are running all academic and administrative affairs of the students and the school.

  • That NO STUDENT ever failed any course, they all pass.

  • That as a student of the school ND 2 Public Administration , on 12TH JANUARY, 2013, I witness two students ordering the rest of the students in the class to walk away on a lecturer while the so called Director of Studies was having sexual closeness with a very fair short lady in ND 2 on the same day. This actually prompted me to know the genuity of the school. If I had missed my ways, please Imo State Government should let me know in time before it is too late for me.

  • That out of a Class of like 40 students less than 5 come to class throughout a session or sometimes throughout the whole program? and That most of the lecturers relatives are also studying in Abeyance.

  • That the school is not free as Rochas Okorochas campaigning, but extremely expensive, outrageous, fake and discriminating. 

  • That Investigation needs to be carried out and the Culprit should be brought to book because many matrimonial homes have broken due to the indiscipline and monumental corruption going on there.



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