RESCUE MISSION: An emerging Babylon system – Dr.Kelechi Okpalake.

The legendary reggae lyricist, Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) penned a song in which he decoded the only solution that reverses the enthronement of the satanic Babylon system in modern governance. He opined in his song (Babylon system) that the solution to reversing a Babylon system is to “Tell the children the truth”.

The lyrics of the song “Babylon system” go as follows:

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“We refuse to be what you wanted us to be we are what we are. That’s the way (way) it’s going to be. If you don’t know! You can’t educate I for no equal opportunity (talking ‘bout my freedom) talking about my freedom people freedom (freedom) and liberty yeah

we’ve been trodding on the wine press much too long Rebel, Rebel.

Yes, we’ve been trodding on the winepress much too long rebel, rebel. Babylon system is the vampire, Yeah (vampire)

Sucking the children day by day – Yeah

Me say, de Babylon system is the suckin’ the blood of the sufferers – Yeah.

Building church and university wooh yeah
Deceiving the people continually yeah

My say them, graduating thieves and murderers.
Look out now, they sucking the blood of the sufferers (sufferers)

Tell the children the truth
Tell the children the truth right now!
Come on and tell the children the truth”.

Historians and biblical scholars who are knowledgeable about Babylonish captivity know that Nebucadenaze’s Babylon was a satanic empire consumed by vampire.

Inspite of the hanging Garden of Babylon which is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Babylon was consumed and ceases to exist today. Even in today’s Iraq, not even a city is known as Babylon.

I referred to Babylon system as Babylonish captivity because Satan or evil take captive of a person or an environment. People do not willingly submit themselves to satanic control. Satan uses all kinds of inducements to entice us into his kingdom and the only solution that can enable us wrestle out of his dominion is to tell the truth. This is why, the holy book (Bible) says “the truth shall set you free”.

Rescue mission enticed us with a promise to rescue us all from the purported calamitous governance of the previous administration. We were made to belief that we needed rescue. We were enticed with the promise of free education, and that every village will be turned into a small London. These enticing promises were made to us with a seductive smile that did not reach the heart.

“Trodding on a wine press” is used here by the author of this song as a metaphor in describing the miserable citizens in an emerging Babylon system. For those of you who are familiar with the traditional wine press in ancient European countries, you would know that the traditional wine press is actually human feet. Ripe grapes are placed in a trough and mashed until all the juices are squeezed out of them. This is what Bob Marley described in this song as “sucking the blood of the sufferers”.

This caption “Babylon system” is because the description of Babylon system by the legendary Bob Marley is upon us here in Imo State. The unveiling of rescue mission’s commercialization policy is set to subject the citizens of Imo to the grapes in a winepress trough and will eventually squeeze the blood of life from the veins of Imo people.

If you listen to the local radio stations, Entraco is running a jingle that requires every market woman, and al store and shop owners to purchase garbage disposal buckets from its offices at N3,000 per bucket.

The Jingle goes on to say that anybody that fails to purchase these buckets would face unprecedented troubles by the agents of mo Rescue Government and would be made to pay a fine of Ten thousand naira (N10,000.00).

The Ikedi Ohakim’s government in launching the “Clean and Green Initiative” purchased thousands of Dust disposal buckets and not a single person was made to pay a kobo. By the way what happened to these dust disposal bucket bought by the Ohakim’s Administration? E. O. Osuji, a brave and courageous Imo son posted in Imo State blog that these Clean and Green dust disposal buckets are now in Lagos and FMC Nasarawa. Did Rescue Mission sell these garbage disposal buckets as part of commercialization policy? Nobody in Government has responded to this question regarding the garbage disposal buckets posted by E. C. Osuji inspite the fact that Government uses Imo State blog to disseminate its propaganda. Has Rescue Mission sold these garbage buckets just as our state hospitals were sold to muslin out fit? If this garbage disposal buckets have been sold why is the government now running Jingles demanding that we pay three thousand naira (N3,000.00) or face hell from its agents.

Honourable Commissioner for Environment, you are the Chief environment officer of the State, please tell the children the truth and help avoid the calamity of Babylon system on Imo State and her people.

What have become of IRROMA assets of Imo State? In 2008, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, then, as the Vice President of Nigeria came to Imo State to launch the Imo Rural roads Management Agency (IRROMA). IRROMA was launched pursuant to an enabling legislation passed into Law by the Imo House of Assembly. In 2010, unlike United Nations Development Agency valued these assets at about 12.5 billion Naira and adopted the IRROMA model for rural road maintenance in emerging economies and third world countries. IRROMA assets included caterpillars, graders Tippers and sundry other construction equipment, including a hilux pick-up truck for each of the 27 local council areas. But these assets have suddenly disappeared from the streets of Imo State or at least nobody sees them. What happened to IRROMA Assets? The deplorable states of our rural roads, this rainy season, could have been alleviated by engaging these assets before the rains.

Honourable Commissioner for Works, you are the Chief works officer of the state; please tell the children of Imo the truth regarding our IRROMA Assets. The people of Imo deserve to know what happened to these assets.

Recently rescue mission government of Imo State announced that each landlord in the capital city is required to pay ten thousand (N10,000.00) naira for house numbering, and streets delineation. On September 7th a poster was placed on the gates of most residence in Owerri mandating residents to pay borehole inspection fee of N25,000.

Honourable Commissioner for housing, you are the chief housing officer of the state, is the state government authorized by the constitution to charge property taxes? Aren’t property taxes exclusively reserved for local governments by the constitution? House numbering and street delineation, aren’t these services the purpose of property taxation? Should any sane government tax borehole? Provision of safe drinking water is a traditional function of government. But since the advent of Imo rescue government, the taps in the entire state has gone dry. What face does a government that has failed in its basic traditional governmental function, have to ask its subjects to pay for borehole tax? Taxing borehole by the Imo Government is akin to NEPA taxing generator usage. Is it conceivable that NEPA can augment its income by charging generator tax after failing to provide power?

Hon. Uche Ogbuagu, the Former Chief Comedian of the State under Rescue Mission cracked a joke on his radio show where he questioned why the capital city of IGBO heartland state is in perpetual darkness from dusk to down on a nightly basis. Less than two years ago, nobody could have ridiculed Imo State government regarding street lighting. In 2010, one could walk from Orji on Okigwe road to New Owerri and through all the major thoroughfares of the capital city at any hour of the night because the entire major roads in Owerri shine with street lights.

During the launching of Imo State Investment promotion Agency (ISIPA) in 2010, I was so impressed that I inquired of Barrister Ralph Nwaosu the then Commissioner for Public Utilities, how he was able to keep the capital city lite night in and out. He informed me that it costs 14.5 million naira a month to fuel the generators. Now where are these generators? Are these generators sold pursuant to Rescue Mission Commercialization Policy? If these generators have not been sold, why then is Owerri in darkness?

Honourable Commissioner for Public Utilities and Rural Development, please tell the children and people of Imo the truth. Evil and criminality thrives in darkness. Keeping Owerri in darkness may have contributed to the kidnappings, assassinations, and armed robberies that are threatening to make our capital city the criminal capital of Nigeria.


NDI IMO, to avoid the calamitous state that befell Babylon which resulted in Babylon being devoured by vampires, we must collectively press upon these executive officers of Imo Rescue Government to tell the children of Imo the truth by faithfully answering these questions.

Imo must be better, but for Imo to be better, Imo must remain in the hands of God. God’s own book the Bible says “The Truth Shall Set Us Free”.







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