REVIEW: Ikedi Ohakim’s first 2yrs in office VS Rochas Okorocha’s administration so far.

Either I am short sighted to see Rochas Okorocha’s miracles or he is being overrated by his cheap praise singers and cohorts.

I can see people making so many outrageous comments, calling Ikedi Ohakim sought of names they feel like because of that name OHAKIM without reading in between the lines to ascertain the man’s points. Now my question goes this way can someone come out straight to tell me or the world what OHAKIM did that makes him to be crucified in such manner that the present Administration has never done within 2 yrs in office? In as much am not a fan to Ohakim’s administration and I believe in good governance but if you compare his 2 yrs in office with the present administration honestly we will known that this present administration is worse than that of OHAKIM. Let’s put sentiments, bias and the name ROCHAS apart and judge from a neutral ground.


1. Neatness and Healthy Environment; During OHAKIM 2 yrs in office ENTRACO was introduced and was working effectively, clean up exercises and refuse removals are in order which makes Owerri one of the cleanest state and also creates employments for the people working under that body, CLEAN AND GREEN was initiated which also beautifies the city as a whole which makes it looks healthy and clean to stay. Rochas 2 yrs in offices what do we have to show off about neatness, cleanness and healthy environment in fact go around and see to yourself then you can call the result, but all I do hear from people are Rochas is working and that is too early to judge him or they brand you as an enemy progress…



2 Road maintenance and constructions; During OHAKIM 2 yrs in office dualization of Egbu/mbaise road, Amakohia-Akwakoma/Orlu road, Onitsha road all were carrying out effectively with good and quality constructions, Reconstruction n dualization of Orji/Okigwe road with street lights was in order and effective construction was going on then While within almost Rochas 2 yrs in office reconstruct damaged the whole road within IMO state with cheap n quack construction company making it worst than its original state, not motor able, making it difficult for people to travel or move around within the state and all I can hear from people re, it’s rainy season and too early to judge him or tagged you PDP agents like as if there wasn’t rainy season during Ohakim’s administration.



3. Cheap and good Transportation system: During Ohakim’s 2 yrs in office there was effective transportation system by providing school buses that convey students to school free of charge within Owerri and outside Owerri, he provides both big and small buses for mass transit with cheap fare, Revitalization of Imo transport corporation(ITC) by bringing in more new both big n small buses, small cars for hires which makes life easier, while within Rochas 2 yrs in transportation system in the state has gone back to square one and no one cares about how the citizen moves in and out of the state and all I can get or hear from people re Rochas is a good man and he is working, is also too early to judge him which is typical BALONEY..

4. Traffic control and easy movement of vehicles: During Ohakim’s 2 yrs in office the body called Re- orientation Agency was introduced and powered to help in controlling of traffics within the city to checkmates easy and free movements of vehicles and is also another sources of employment to the citizens. While within Rochas 2 yrs in office all I do hear are empty promises eg “I will make Imo state to be a paradise or Dubai of Nigeria…”


5. School education & fees: During Ohakim’s 2 yrs in office students were effectively going to school with free school buses from primary to secondary schools mostly within owerri urban, in terms of payment of school fees from primary 1 to JSS 3 were not paying school fees and of which every educated person in Nigeria knows that Universal board education(UBE) has been responsible for primary school free education and not government.

Primary six common entrances were N800-N900   (less than a thousand) during Ohakim’s administration. While almost Rochas 2 yrs in offices school pupils from primary 1 to SS 3 got free education but pay and find it difficult to go school because of transportation system and fares. Primary school common entrance cost N4200. Now do the mathematics involved and tell me who is fooling who?



6. Security (lives and properties of Imo citizens):  During Ohakim’s 2 yrs in office lives and properties of citizens were secure to a certain level but  not 100% guaranteed however, it was safe to a certain points that you could  come back home and stay over night but now within Rochas 1 and half yrs in office which everyone knows, the security of lives and properties in Imo state is the worst so far within all eastern states. If we can tell ourselves the truth without been biased in trying to protect nor cover our state, kidnapping has increased geometrically and no one is even safe again in the state.  If you ask they will call you Ohakim boy or that you ve been paid to criticize present administration.



7. Rule of law and autocratic ruling system: During Ohakim’s administration he was elected into office under the platform of PPA and the other majority elected officers were from opposition parties but then he chose to work with them without dissolving or dismissing any elected opposition officers, despite the facts the he was still in court and been distracted by the oppositions parties. While within Rochas early stay in office all he could do was to be undemocratic and not following rule of law by dissolving the so called elected LG chairmen and councilors officers from opposition parties which he branded corrupt and enemies of progress.


No matter the platform in which those people were elected, all we knew in Imo state that election was conducted. All people will say is Rochas is a saint that he can’t work with corrupt PDP members that rigged themselves into office. Then my question is since 1997 of the democratically system in Nigeria, have we gotten any free and fair election or elected officer in Ngeria?.


8. Arrogance: During Ohakim’s 2 yrs which I know, Ohakim was overwhelmed with joy and he never excepted to be a Governor of the states because he was considered as the poorest man to contest election  which made people   brand him a poor man with irrelevant talks, so anything he said was tagged as arrogancy. They regarded his rules and orders as an insults.


Also, the issue of flogging the CATHOLIC REV. FATHER. Since that allegation was made, I haven’t seen any Catholic Priest that came out before the public to claim that he was the person that was abused by the governor so as a Christian I don’t wanna go deep to defend anyone in the incidents involved Ohakim and Rev Father before I will offend my God and I can’t say whether it happened or not. It is left for the Almighty God to Judge his own case.


In Rochas 2 yrs in office, he sees and carry himself as the Messiah of Imo people and no other person in the state or even Nigeria as a country can thwart his talk or question his order. He is boastful , tells people off, talks to people anyhow. When I asked why he was so boastful, the answer I got was “don’t you know that he is a rich man and also he commands order… dont you know that rich men are always right?”


Each time, I laugh and shake my head, So my people let us not be quick to conclude and stop crucifing the man because of the name OHAKIM . After all he  put so many thing in place than this present administration so far within 2 yrs in office. Unless miracles will happen because the present administration are much involved in talking, making big and unimaginable promises than putting them to work which me and you knows that the cheapest commodity on the surface of earth is TALK.

So my good people of Imo, the earlier we remove the ROCHAS STARDOM name in our mind and brain, focus on facts and see reality in all, the better for us.  Less u forget, Rochas has not less den 13 months to do whatever magic and reformation agenda he has to do in Imo state to look better as he normally because immediately after 2013 their comes another campaign and election preparations. He can’t do anything again other than re-campaigning for second term.


As long as I am concerned the present administration have never done anything other than empty and cheap promises so, I will like him to put shame to my eyes and allow me to swallow all my words by putting all he has promised in place on or before end of his administration.






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