Rochas demands ₦5 Billion to step down for Sen.Araraume. ACN offers ₦2.5Billion.

Truly, there is a price for every and any thing on earth . Oyibo’s will say ” money talks,__________ happens!  It’s a matter of CASH!!  Anyway, according to information available online, “A reliable source revealed to Weekend Nigerian Horn that last Sunday, a high powered talk between the two groups at the country home of Chief Rochas Okorocha, guber candidate of APGA, attended by senator Ifeanyi Araraume ACN guber candidate, former Governor, Chief Achike Udenwa, former National Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Chairman Prof. Maurice Iwu, Dr. Alex Obi among others from ACN camp ended in a stalemate as Okorocha, after it was made clear to him that ACN is a better platform as it has wider national spread, decided to throw in a guber tower for N5 billion while the ACN was only willing to offer N2.5 billion.”

On the other hand, it is reported that  Fmr. Gov. Achike Udenwa strongly opposed the N5 billion settlement since he had already spent N1.5 billion in the course of the election after selling out two of his choice properties in Abuja and Lagos.

So it is possible that atleast N1 Billion Naira is cooling off somewhere in Imo State as i write? Why do these Billionaires wait till they are voted into office to bring change to their immediate communities? Just wondering ow this would play out. Is  Okwelle Rochas Okorocha about to sell his dream ? What happens to the hundreds of people in my town already on standby for his Free Education bonanza?   I don’t even understand why this discussion/meeting was held in the first place.  Why can’t we all head out to the polls and allow the voters to decide. Why spend months and millions campaigning only to end up   behind closed doors negotiating who should climb up  or step down?  (Shakes head)

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