ROCHAS RURAL MARKET scheme launched in Lagos State.

The Nigerian Tribune reports that over the weekend, hundreds of people converged in  Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos state  to launch the Rochas Rural Market Scheme. The scheme is an initiative of Governor Rochas Okorocha to bring food closer to the poor people in the rural communities.

Speaking at the occasion, the Coordinator of the scheme, Prince Ebunola Martins, said the scheme was an idea of Governor Rochas Okorocha to further alleviate poverty in the rural areas by selling food items to people in the rural communities at prices that far cheaper than the selling prices in the conventional markets so as to ensure that foodstuffs get to the table of the people in the grass roots.

He also added that Lagos was chosen as the pioneer state in the South West o kick start the scheme and that the gesture would soon be extended to other states in the South West so as to ensure that many people benefit from the scheme.

“In this market, a 5-litre keg of palm oil that is sold at N1500 will be sold for only N700; onions that are sold for N500 will be sold at N250; a tuber of yam that is sold at N250 will be sold for N150, while tomatoes and pepper will be sold at prices that are far less than the market prices,” he said



According to Mr. Ebunola, the market will soon start to open for business every Saturday in Alimosho  and other local governments in Lagos State.




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