SAVING UWAJUMOGU: Will Imo state deputy Governor, Jude Agbaso be used as the sacrificial lamb?

According to Imo Trumpeta:

Except there is divine intervention or fresh political maneuvering, upheavals in the political climate is inevitable in Imo state as the Deputy Governor of the state, Sir Jude Agbaso, is at the verge of loosing his exalted position.

Imo Trumpeta had in last editions exclusively reported how Sir Agbaso was summoned to the State Assembly by a Special Committee led by the Member representing Isiala Mbano state constituency, Hon Simeon Iwunze. After the visit, it was gathered that Agbaso’s invitation was connected to the alleged shoddy manner contracts for road projects were awarded and executed by the Deputy Governor, when he acted as the Commissioner for Works. 

It was further learnt that the alleged improper handling of the projectby the Deputy Governor is being exploited by the State Assembly especially, those sympathetic to the travails of the Speaker of the House, Rt. Hon Ben Uwajumogu to create a soft landing for the Speaker who is facing INEC hammer for cross-carpeting. By the arrangement, the Deputy Governor would be indicted and subsequently impeached thereby creating an avenue for Uwajumogu to step in.

The Deputy Governor was accused of awarding a road contract to a firm to the tune of N450m without anything to show for the amount spent. The adhoc committee probing the matter however met again with Agbaso on Monday where the firm expected to have executed the road project also appeared.

It was learnt that the Deputy Governor reportedly came up with incoherent responses that surprised the adhoc committee members on his dealings with the contracting firm.

If indicted by the report of the adhoc committee on road project, the Deputy Governor may be asked through constitutional means necessitated by legislative framework through impeachment procedures to remove him. Feelers reaching our newsroom indicate that those who have seen the handwriting on the wall especially his allies in the state legislature as well as stakeholders, have advised the Deputy Governor to resign than face humiliation and impeachment in the hands of desperate lawmakers poised to remove him…..




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