Sen.Chris Anyanwu explains reasons behind her decision to quit APGA.


 I write to formally inform you of my decision to quit APGA. Let me assure you that it was not a decision that came easy because, entangled with political considerations was the huge emotional burden arising from the special relationship I have cultivated with the ordinary struggling people who populace APGA. But it is precisely for them and in their interest that I make this move.

I have looked at the political landscape, the unfolding formations and the interplay of forces nationally and decided that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would present a more assured avenue through which I could continue to advance the interests of the hard-working, courageous people of my constituency.

I return to the PDP in the interest of the common people who I represent in APGA; in the interest of my whole constituency, Owerri Senatorial Zone; and indeed in the interest of the whole State.

In these tumultuous days, it is in their best interest that I return to a platform that will position me to be part of the important conversations and events unfolding in the effort to shape a new Nigeria society.

APGA has been mired in internal crises and litigations that have drained its energies, resources and focus. The rare historical break-through we enjoyed in clinching the Governorship seat which presented an opportunity to build a stronger party in the State became a lost dream. The peoples’ struggle and victory became an aborted dream as the chief beneficiary abandoned the party and joined the Opposition.

I have worked hard, invested more to restore hope in APGA. When other leaders left, I stayed back as the steadying force in Imo APGA. I have been the one dealing with the anxieties and morale problems of party people resulting from the intractable leadership tussles. But I have looked at the political landscape and seen the stormy weather gathering and I know that the future depends on forging creative alliances that will give the people real value for governance.

Therefore, I move in the interest of the people.
Senator Chris N.D. Anyanwu (MFR)
Imo East Senatorial District.
(Tuesday, February 18, 2014)



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