So DANA AIR knew all along that the crashed plane had major electrical problems before it was bought?

Dana Air Nigeria, on Friday, admitted to lawmakers that its plane that crashed in Lagos June 3, killing all 153 people on board, had a troubled past before its purchase from an American company.

A joint Senate and House of Representatives hearing into the crash ended Friday after the panel, for three days, received presentations from aviation regulators and operators.


The company had earlier denied, soon after the crash, details published about the aircraft, including incidents of emergency in the cockpit area arising from electrical faults while it was owned by America’s Alaska Airlines.

Responding to questions from the lawmakers, the company’s Flight Operations Director, Oscar Wilson, agreed with the details and said the information were available to them before purchase of the aircraft; but that the plane was the only option they had at time of purchase in 2008.

Wilson said due to the shortage of the specification they sought to buy, if they had not purchased the crashed plane, they would have waited another five years for a new aircraft from Airbus.

He also admitted he had been warned by the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godswill Akpabio, about the poor state of health of airplanes in the Dana fleet.

The company also admitted one of its planes, although they refused to say whether it was the crashed plane, was involved in a manual starting after one of the engines refused to come on. However, Wilson said it was a normal procedure, and that if the passengers would not have known if they had not been informed.


– Daily Trust.





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