Solution to the frightening state of Insecurity in Imo State.


There is no gain saying that security situation in Imo state is dangerously alarming.

The daily kidnapping is absolutely horrendous, the rapes, and the theft?

To make matters worse, our state security apparatus (NPF) as it is present structured is absolutely incapable to stop or even prevent the crimes.


Then the question that comes to mind is : What do we do to stop these evil persons?


Does the state dissolve the state chapter of Nigerian police force and establish a State Security Force?


Since a State Police might be unconstitutional, the only option left for this government is to establishing a FORMIDABLE VIGILANTE SERVICE – A security service that will be made of the local residents, for the local residence, and by the local residence.


However, a mere establishment of vigilante service without specifics would only result to what we have had in the past, – a bunch of thugs that was characterised by massive misplacement of justice and abuse of the position of the V.S.


Not to worry Mr Governor, I have tackled this issue decisively and I am presenting it in a two part presentation.






The vigilante service (V.S.), indisputably are about the only force that can effectively compliment the Nigerian Police Force presence in any state, in the sense that being local

  1. The V.S. would be more able to identify alien foreign to a locality.- this character is important especially in this era of Boko Haram and its acts, it simply can’t be underplayed, the importance of trained local eyes to identify who doesn’t belong to a locality.


  1. Their presence would strongly and efficiently deter most locals from engaging in criminality as the-would-be thief can and would be easily identified, arrested and forever be graced.


  1. Locals know the terrain better and hence when there is a chase would no doubt be able to enhance the swiftness of theapprehension.


  1. Also being local, the V.S. would be more able to identify criminal activities which are peculiar to a community and culture, but may not even be a noticeable crime to the eye of the National Aboki led police force even if it is happening right under their nose.  E.g.: (A) a person plucking community palm fruit when it’s not in the season. (B) Or cutting down any of the traditional sacred tree.


  1. With V.S in place people with ill gotten wealth; overnight riches would be easily identified and reported to the police for interrogation.


However in as much as the case for establishing a Vigilante service is enormous it is also important we take a look at the challenges bound to be faced with its establishment and proffer ways to check mate its excesses.


The chief problems of the Vigilante service is in its


  1. Abuse of power: This is a case where by the V.S. is used as a means to settle scores, to terrorise family members in a feud.



  1. Misplacement of justice:  This is the case where jungle justice is carried on a suspect. A suspect whom after wards might be found to be innocent.


  1. Ineffectual service: Any job with out a description always ends up been chaotic. This affects the effectiveness of the service, its reputation and even brings doubt to its existence.



  1. Lack of coordination : this is the case where V.S. on pursuit of a criminal has no plan on ways to execute such which elicit a situation where it become where-belle-face



  1. Lack of integrity: how does is sound having a renown, well known was-an-ex-criminal as a V.S. coming into your house for a search?



No doubts these problem associated with V.S are all interlinked and hence solving one problem would go a way to checkmate the other salient issues. Hence I would be tackling the issue on the whole instead of individually.



How does the Government go about these challenges facing V.S.?


  1. In establishing a vigilante service the government should firstly, in selection of members of the V.S. the government should have the community leaders and the traditional ruler make the selection.

       Thereby ensuring only those with history of stability and sound judgement are chosen.

       Ensures that only those with credibility are chosen.


  1. The government should establish a localized strategic centre where tactical decisions and communication directives would be coordinated. It should naturally be the LGA- (however, with this tier four arrangement I wonder if there would still be LGA).i strongly support the LGA as our autonomous community are too small in size and a V.S. in pursuit of a criminal would quickly run into the jurisdiction of another V.S. whom might not be prepare and not in the know of the pursuit and may open fire on the pursuit-ants.


  1. The government would have to build and establish a security training institute or centre, it doesn’t necessary have to be a colossal building or anything of that sort but rather a dedicated building that would be used for security services, with features to facilitate training, a few lecture rooms and database storage room.


A security centre where only qualified, accomplished security personnel are employed, not just a retire soldier whoseidea of security training is frog-jumping. A reputable security company should be employed to render this training service, probably a look at a foreign private security company. A company that would teach the vigilante service:



       Responsibility of security personnel.

       Teach the V.S. a civilized mode of operation.

       Teach the V.S. to be courteous yet assertive.

     Teach them how to make civil arrest without using disproportionate use of force.

    Introduce and teach the V.S. how to use modern communication equipment and clear report writing.

       Teach the service an effective conflict resolution.

       And amongst all, the government in partnership with the training establishment would have to draft out a template of operation so that every security personnel knows his duty and what to do at every situation.

  E.g. A vigilante service duty template could read:



Lock up the community gates, keeping open the pedestrian gate.

       Every vehicle entering/exiting should be noted, the registration number, a brief description of the occupants.

       Every pedestrian with a bag should be searched or noted.


       Pedestrian gate secured.

Eight members of the team should embark on patrol, on twos.

       Assigned on specific routes,

       Noting any discrepancies into their pocket security note book.


Community patrol – 8 members, in twos, on designated routes.


Community patrol – 8 members, in twos, on designated routes.


Community patrol – 8 member, in twos, on designated routes


Open up the gates; lift the barrier and any speed calming measures.


Give briefing to day guard, hand-over & sign off.


       The guns are checked.

       The bullets are counted and accounted for.

       Security facilities accounted for.

       Security notebook is filled and signed off.

This is just a snippet of what could be drafted, just to give an idea of what is obtainable.

All the same, with these in place we can have a legitimate effectivevigilante service, that would be accountable, that would provide security services in a civilized manner and win the hearts of the community. And hence aid to abate and check spiralling crime activities in the state.


Imo state needs to be secured, our women and children need to be protected, any investor need to be rest assure that the environment is conducive and secured for business, and finally our way of life needs to be sustained and protected.





Written by:   Macjive Ihuoma.

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