STILL ON THE OWERE NCHI ISE LAND SAGA: Abomination as Mcdonald Ebere led thugs baptize Eze Njemanze, others with alchohol drinks.

Penultimate week, the Imo State Government had approached the people of Awawom of Owerri Nchi Ise where they had made themselves fugitives to appeal to them to go back to their various homes but it was discovered that the group had been infiltrated by disgruntled ousted politicians making to course disaffection against the government of the day.


The worse happened yesterday, at about 6:30 pm, as the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Prince Eze Madumere had led a peace mission to see the indigenes at the said land in dispute, but to the shocking of the descent minds around, the so called Amawom youths poured alcoholic drinks at their leaders. To make matter worse, HRH, Eze Njemanze, HRH, Eze Samuel Ohiri, Chairman, Imo State Council of Traditional Rulers, Prince Eze Madumere KSC, the Chief of Staff, Hon. Mere, their own son and representative in the House of Assembly, Owerri Municipal T.C. Chairman and other great sons of Owerri.



The claim that their land is being collected from them by use of force by the event of yesterday evening to any sane mind will definitely feel pained for such an abominable act. Like Chima (not real name), and elderly man among them said in his words: “I think this is not the reason we have been called to come here. If I had known, I would not have allowed myself to be placed side by side with people that do not have respect even for their own Eze”.


The troubled started after the arrival of the Chief of Staff to the Governor, Prince Eze Madumere’s led peace and negotiating team among which, Hon. Dr. Victor Mere, representing Owerri Municipal, Imo House of Assembly, HRH, Eze Sam Ohiri, HRH, Eze Njemanze, Hon. Anukam Jonathan, the Transition Chairman, Owerri Municipal etal.

Amid noise coming from the loud volume of a CD player with amps, the team had come to rob minds with the people and to let them know that the Government was looking into the matter and would soon have the matter resolved with their representatives also their to speak for them. It took over five minutes before the indigenes could turn down the volume of their Musical sets.

Eze Njemanze spoke first admonishing them to be of good cheer and finally told them that solution was on the way as the Government has not in any way forgotten them. He also revealed to them that talks had already started as they had come from the Government to address them. He however mentioned that they had not come to ask them to leave until other sundry issues had been taken care of. He assured them of positive outcome in their talks with the Government. It must be observed that Eze Njemanze could not finish his speech without the interruption fierce looking young men.



Again, the Hon member of Imo State House of Assembly, Hon. Dr. Victor Mere stood to talk to them and the noise got worse even with the plea of the Eze and the legislator for them to maintain some decorum. All that fell on deaf ear. Hon. Victor still made his point assuring them of Government’s effort to make even happier. He also spoke to them of the Governor’s good intention for them and Imo State in general. He said the matter would have been different were it not they are for developmental projects to boost the economy of the State. He called the Amawom people to sheath their sword as there was no need and wait for the outcome of the ongoing talks.



The crescendo was the inciting words of the leader of the group, McDonald Ebere who had claimed that their dead ancestors had been desecrated saying they have ghana-must-go bags full of the bones of their dead ancestors. As if that was not enough, he invoked the negative spirits in his boys who had had to resort to use of foul languages against their supposedly leaders including the Governor who was represented by the Chief of Staff. As if that was not enough, the so called Amawom youths threw pebbles and they watered their immature acts with baptism of alcohol even on their Eze, leaders and other Government functionaries.


This reporter wonders the reason for the despicable acts of the people and what gain it was for such acts. Let us even know whose interest the McDonald of a person represents.


Hahaha! Na wao! I think I smell a rat. The hand of Esau seems to be playing a role here.


The prologue and the epilogue of the matter are still in vague shape.


That was simply a primitive and unIgbo  manner of a supposed well brought people of Igbo extraction.

This reporter was mal-handled and nearly lost his camera all for there own interest and for peace to rain in our dear State, Imo.

May God Bless Imo State.


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