Summary of Gov. Uzodinma’s Interactive session on IBC Radio.

Welcome Sir.
GOVERNOR Hope Uzodimma: Welcome My DEAR

Sir Owerri Okigwe road expansion is small, don’t you think it should be expanded?

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: the final design is 12.3 meters. We are doing a world class road. What we are Doing now is just preparation.

Please sir, look into the nine payment of salaries in Imo State.

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: Nat, as I speak to you, there is not one verified that is not being paid only those with issues or those receiving Government money and are not workers
For those with issues, call these numbers:

Why is that workers salaries and wages are cut and I am victim

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: Please tell us now where you work and we call the data center why there are like cause very one verified has been paid appropriately. Go to your head of department and submit your report as we speak, up to 41,000 are receiving salaries as at when due.

Question on pipe borne water.

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: on the pipe borne water, the ottamiri water scheme has been worked on but the pipes linking to homes and cities were destroyed and we are working towards fixing them and having water in all homes

Why are workers not paid?

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: On the issue on the none payment of salaries, in the next 2 weeks, we will round off verification and arrest and charge those stealing Government money to court.

Is our gratuity not due yet?

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: There is an issue with the gratuity as there is a massive backlog of N56 billion which will be paid when we are done filtering and when the state gets the money.

What will the people expect in the next 10 months

Governor Uzodimma on IBC Radio program: I came here with a clear vision with our 3R mantra. Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery and this became necessary on the infrastructure we met on ground, we need to rebuild the state. We need to protect our interest as a state ; build our economy; understand between public interest and private interest; we need to protect our people but all with limited resources. The business as usual must stop, civil service fraud must stop, most states are automated. I’m not interested in clapping hands, no one in chukwuma nwoha will not appreciate what is done there. I have come for the new order, the new order is true and the new order will prevail.

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