The callous nature of our leaders – Written by: Okoro Benedict Chinedum

  Our leaders have continued to delude themselves as if they are immune from the crisis and hell they have made of our roads, especially in SE.

With Ekweremadu losing elder brother in a ghastly motor accident along EN/PH road, the die is cast whether that nightmare called EN/PH will still remain in its comatose state or be touched to avoid further burials of egg heads. Ofcourse, ours’ mean nothing to them.

Until his death this elder brother of his was in ENHA and yet, a board of trustee member of Enugu State Civil Service Commission. And also a board member TETFUND. One person…. This conscription of our collective ownership speaks volume of the callous nature of our leaders.

However, Ekweremadu is busy buying up all Ekwueme’s Modotels from Enugu to Owerri, and he has never asked himself why is Ekwueme selling his properties. The answer is simple with his son’s soul sold to the church, and age fast approching Ekwueme is compelled by events and nature to give way for modernity.

And what lessons have these men learnt? Again, the book of Proverbs come to mind: ‘Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!

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