Sir Chris Asoluka (the great one) has just said he won’t be accepting any appointment from Ihedioha’s government because he believes having served as a commissioner of finance 25 years ago he has mentored lots of younger persons that can even do better than himself now in government. He went further to question what will become the fate of the younger generation like his children if somebody like him accepts appointment in government.

Asoluka’s position should be a food for thought for the likes of Barr. Chief Chris Okewulonu who since 1999 has been in government. Having served as an SSG to Imo amongst other positions he held I strongly feel he ought to have taken an elder statesman seat and allow younger hands particularly in the position of Chief of staff to the governor, an office considered to be a personal aide to the governor. No matter the quantum of experience that he parades, there are so many digital and state of the art younger persons that can perfectly do that job better. The likes of Linus Okorie and co who passed through the mentorship and tutelage of Chris Asoluka are attestations to his word. Does it then mean Chris Okewulonu has not mentored people that he can back to take up such appointments?.

Truth is hardly said these days because the type of governance we have had has turned our people into sycophants and reasonless praise singers. Even some who in their innermost minds know I’m saying the truth but would rather pretend to disagree just to be seen as supportive to the government. But I know the best support I can give to a government that I tirelessly supported to power is to tell it the bitter truth.

Unlike so many who saying the truth now may jeopardize their appointment seeking ambitions, I am not looking for any appointment, so the saying that “he that is down fears no fall” plays for me here. As part of the conscience of our society I shall at all say that which will be to the best interest of the society.

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