The disturbing issue of Kidnapping in Imo State.

The issue of kidnapping in Imo state is troubling. Certainly not an issue that one can dismiss as “Propaganda”. Kidnapping in Imo state is real !! Every other day someone gets kidnapped. How long will this continue?

Not too long ago, our State Governor , Owelle Rochas Okorocha scored points when he launched  Operation Rescue Imo . 1o0 vehicles were donated to the joint security team. Even with their sirens blazing across town,  it is almost hard to sleep with both eyes closed. It wasn’t up to a week after this event launch that 6 people were kidnapped in the State.  Our Honourable Commissioner of Commerce, Mrs.Chioma Ogoke was unfortunate to be one of them.

 Dr. Moses Amako, Chief Medical Director of Owerri Specialist Hospital, Umuguma  was kidnapped at gunpoint with  his wife.

A  Magistrate of the Ihiagwa Magisterial court got the shocker of his life when his son was kidnapped last week at gun point.

Just the other day, it was reported that two  nine-day-old babies were  kidnapped from their cots in a private hospital at Akuma, Oru East Local Government Area.   We can go on and on.

Stories like this appear to have permanent slots in the local  news papers. If it has reached the point where newly born babies can be kidnapped from their cots in a HOSPITAL for goodness sake, that goes to show how desperate these hoodlums are. Little wonder why many live in fear despite how assuring the State Government tries to sound in the news.

Recently, Governor Okorocha suspended salaries for  six traditional because they had failed to check the crime in their   communities. I don’t know when Royal Fathers became crime watchers.  Crime watch in the state in general falls under the watchful eyes of the Police.

Whereby a State Commissioner of Police seems slow at tackling crime in his territory, what is the next step that should follow?

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