The grand plan to make Imo State ungovernable – Mba Ogbonnaya

A heinous plan by blood tasty politicians suspected to be members of Peoples Democratic Party to turn Imo State into a human butchery as they have done in other States of the Federation has been uncovered.


This grand plan is even coming at a time when a gang of gunmen suspected to be of the fowled attempt to murder Chief Jeff Imo, former Transition Chairman, Onuimo Local government Area. These hatchet men had masterfully hatched their plan by using the unsuspecting members of the Nigeria Police to perpetuate the evil so as to deceive the public. We thank God for Jeff Imo whose life was spared by the whiskers to the glory of God. Chief Jeff who was traced to his house, then to Concorde Hotel, had his private security personnel seriously injured and dumped at the House of Assembly Police Station, New Owerri.


We are aware of the deadly antics of these enemies of the State. His Excellency, Owelle Rochas Okorocha has played a fatherly and peaceful role in resolving the State-Local Government impasse yet these dreaded political outfits have released all manner of political thugs and outlaws just to cause upheavals in the State.


Just recently, one of the hatchet men of the party in question was alleged to have had a hand in the murder of APGA woman leader’s son. Again, just on the dawn of Governor Okorocha’s emergence, one of the pillars of APGA in Orlu zone was murdered in cold blood. The question on the lips of the Imolites is how long shall they continue to be slaves and live in fear in their own land? Otokoto era where innocent Imolites were preyed upon and mutilated for whatever nefarious reason seems to be planned onslaught.


This onslaught to kill and maim is targeted at the leaders of rescue Mission team so as to break the back bone of the present Government. Good people of Imo State should know that at issue is not the PDP Chairmen whom the Governor had invited and hosted for harmonious working relationship. The whistle is blown to hoodwink the unsuspecting public and then carry out their wicked acts. Already, Imo sons and daughters are being felled everyday. This shows that the Government should be advised to begin to beam its search light in some of these places as effort s in combating crime is being thwarted by the rat within.

The announcements by the PDP in Imo should be discountenanced. They are only trying to cause distraction, disaffection and discontent in the State for their inordinate ambition to rule in 2015 either by hook or crook. We are not unaware of the hand of the big wigs of the party outside of the State but can only assure them that power belongs to God and that working hard to change Imo State for the betterment of the generations yet unborn is a task that must be achieved. Imo is not cursed to remain backward as proposed by these evil PDP men.

We call on all Imolites to remain calm and be vigilant. The race is neither to the swift nor the battle to the strong but to our Almighty that showeth mercy.


Ndi Imo shall over come.


Mba Ogbonnaya



Nigerian Watch For Good Governance

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