The legacy of Chief ikedi Ohakim in Imo State.

The only thing a man has left after he steps down from the spotlight is his legacy. Everybody has a legacy, something you leave behind. It could be a legacy of success and greatness or a legacy of evil and failure. It is what a man is remembered by and should by no means be taken away from that man.

Many regard our former Governor as a man whose only legacies were corruption and embezzlement. At the same time, an almost equal number of Imolities perceive him as one of the best things ever to happen to them.

Everybody has his own choices and nobody can force his desires on others.
Despite whatever anybody may have said about Chief Ikedi Ohakim, the man did leave some things to be remembered by and it is now disturbing that the present administration of Gov. Owelle Rochas Okorocha is doing almost everything possible to wipe away that legacy left behind by the past administration of Chief Ikedi Ohakim.

Owelle’s first action in office was to order the controversial LG councilmen sack as well as rubbish one legacy Ohakim had left behind which affected the Imo youth positively.

Abandoning the uncompleted flyovers at Akwakuma and Orji which would have eased traffic in Owerri simply because they were Ohakim projects doesn’t show maturity rather makes Gov. Okorocha appear vindictive and I believe one adviser must have ill-advised him to do that at the detriment of Imolites who are suffering tremendously because of the lack of good roads in Owerri.

The recent conversion of vehicles bought by the Chief Ohakim regime to the Imo Rescue logo is another thing any responsible and well-thinking Imo citizen should be worried about.

Chief Ikedi Ohakim did nothing,  yet he boosted entrepreneurship by procuring Fiat Logan sedan cars, Chevrolet wagon cars, Hiace mini buses and the very big buses to help ease transportation in Imo State and gave people a sense of belonging and encourage economic growth.

Today those cars have been repainted with the Imo Rescue paint (probably to deceive us into thinking the Gov. Okorocha regime had bought new cars), the mini buses have also been repainted and many of them seem to have vanished from the roads since the inception of this administration. The most puzzling is the disappearance of those big buses bought by Ohakim which had been helping people like those living at Orji to get home after work and come out in the morning.

I saw those buses for the last time when they were repainted with Imo Rescue paints and Gov. Okorocha’s picture during his birthday and my guess is he has used it for his personal use forgetting the suffering his action would cause his people (that is if those buses will return again).

Nobody will like his legacy to be destroyed by another man and if Gov. Okorocha wipes away Chief Ohakim’s legacy, the same will apply to him when someone else will wipe away his own legacy (if he leaves a legacy).

My candid advise to you Gov. Rochas Okorocha will be to leave Chief Ohakim’s legacy for him and embark on your own. Don’t steal the man’s little glory no matter how small it might be so that the same does not return to you. Imo can be better. Imo will be better. God bless the good people of Imo State.

Written & submitted by: Obinna Akuwudike.








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