Time to cleanse Imo Government House of Bad eggs – Kenneth Uwadi

I  received  a  mail  from Chudi Kalu ( maybe not his real name) who   poured venom at me  saying that i have received some money and that is why i have changed from criticising Governor Okorocha  to  praising him. That i will be dealt with soon. Chudi’s misguided mail about my opinion on  the recent  policies of  the Imo state government made me to laugh. It has always been the tradition of those who suffer moral kwashiorkor to short-sightedly  think that one cannot express one’s views without being paid by someone else. If Chudi feels that  because  i  currently  stand in favour   of some laudable steps of governor Okorocha that i am  paid to do so, then he should tell me who paid  me when i wrote  against the governor or  he thinks that he is  honest while others are not.

 I criticized Owelle   when i did because of  my love for Imo State . When  he  does things that deserve praise, i  will   give him praise. And when he   does things that deserve scorn, i will give him scorn. It is the duty and responsibility of the citizenry and the media to criticize the actions, positions and policies of the government. Otherwise, left alone and unchecked, government may violate or abridge the constitution; individuals within government may abuse their powers and use the instrument of state to oppress and repress, engage in corrupt practices and lead the state  to utter ruin.

 We cannot sit back and allow the governor to fail. It is our state ; and is ours to save, protect and nurture. But Chudi should not expect me to see nothing noble, honorable and viable in some of  the work and policies of  the  governor. What will i gain by sending  only lava the governor’s way even when i see some good works that he has done.  I don’t want his head. I don’t want him driven out of  Douglas House. I don’t want him disgraced. I don’t want him to be a failure in administration. I want him to put up his best in governance.

Criticism has  made   Owelle Rochas  to   rebrand  his   policies so who am i not to praise him. Do i know better than Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, former Military Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar  and other prominent  Nigerians that recently showered praises on him? Criticism has made Owelle to do well  in cleaning the streets, construction of roads  and controlling  traffic. He has done well  in providing some employment opportunities, paying worker’s salary regularly and keeping  our schools  free from primary to tertiary . He has also done well  in  security, among other simple things that directly touch on the lives of  Imolites. The success of any administration depends on how its policies improve the living standards of the ordinary citizens, and not how richer they make the few rich ones in the corridors of power.

If Chudi  Kalu  expects  me to instigate unwarranted attacks on Owelle’s  person by posting false and unsubstantiated stories just to break his  spirit ,then he is  making a big mistake. I am not one of the  ex-this and ex-that in politics; those who have been thrown out of office   by Okorocha’s victory at the poll who are  angry and  are  throwing  jabs and uppercuts at the governor . I don’t have to spill venoms the way Mount Vesuvius and Mount Saint Helens spilled lava.I dont need to  rant and rave, bark, and dump insults at Owelle  the way tsunamis dumps anger at isolated Islands.I have never held any political position in Imo State. But as a man who has held  accounting  and  administrative positions in the oil and gas industry for some years now.  I consider myself qualified to dish out advice on how to move the state forward.

 I have come to have respect for Governor Okorocha for his audacity, his political articulation and how he  managed to defeat  the big PDP, bluff, ignore and dare all odds and still make himself relevant in the politics of Nigeria. His never say  die attitude even at  glaring risks staring him in the face makes me wonder. I ask where such confidence comes from.

I look at Imo state in this year 2013 with great optimism. I  want  Governor Okorocha to in  this year 2013 create more  jobs  for the youths. I am  not talking here of providing civil service employment but schemes which will not only get the youths employed but also eventually  make them  end up as employers. In year 2013 i  want  our LGA  to  work democratically  again. Imo should strengthen the LGA system.2012 in Imo State was filled with too many political struggles. 2012 in Imo State witnessed  high powered political back room struggles  with the ruling political party in the state (APGA) and  the big  opposition party in Imo State (PDP) fighting  with each other. Politics should not get in the way  of development of the state this year.


Okorocha should  as a matter of urgency flush out the bad eggs in his cabinet. There are some  bad eggs currently holding political positions in his  government. These bad eggs  are  working against his government and tarnishing  the image of his  administration. These  bad eggs have been working underground to discredit his administration .He should do away with the  bad  tools in his toolbox and get better ones before it is too late.He should bring in people  with  energy, professional soundness, fresh and workable ideas to help propel the state  forward. He should this year unite Imo people through a policy of political inclusion.

How can anybody justify an aide to a  governor who is a kidnapper?  Is such an aide not a bad egg? It was all over the  news that  the abduction of Miss Nkiru Sylvanus, Nollywood actress and the special assistant to Governor Rochas Okorocha on Public Affairs in  December for which an  8 million naira  ransom was paid  is an insider job. We were told that a  Director-General of  Youths and Students Affairs to Governor Okorocha  was detained by the Imo State Police Command over his alleged involvement in the kidnap saga. He  was said to have been implicated by text massages allegedly exchanged between him and the abductors. More like him are in the governor’s cabinet.  It is time to flush them out. Action speaks louder than words.



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