To: Ndi Okigwe- A Letter to Umunnem n’ Umunnam – Rt.Hon. Benjamin Uwajumogu

ben uwajumogu 3God in His infinite mercy has placed Okigwe zone in a unique and very important position to produce the only Senator from Igboland on the platform of the APC, the party ruling Nigeria today.

The implication is that our Okigwe zone APC Senator will occupy far more sensitive and elevated positions on your behalf than any of my competitors can dream of. This will give ndi Okigwe a voice on sensitive issues concerning appointments, budgets, policies, reforms, laws, constitutional amendments, etc at the highest level before they are tabled for general discussion.

Ndi Okigwe, this is our chance. Anya ruo anyi ala. Do not miss this chance for any reason. In the Okigwe zone re-run election for the Senate, we have seen serving Igbo senators from another party take interest in making sure Okigwe does not take her chance of electing me on the APC platform. They are not doing this because they love my opponent or Okigwe zone. They have over the years used their privileged positions not in the service of Okigwe zone nor even the whole of Igboland, but their own senatorial zones. Once again, Ndi Okigwe, anya ruo anyi ala.

As I have stated many times before, it is not about me or any individual. It is not about who shares money or rice, or any other items of inducement. It is about Okigwe, and the reality of Nigerian politics and governance. I am only a willing tool in the hand of God for advancing the cause of Okigwe this time around.

God is giving us an opportunity to take our place of respect in the nation. Patriotic Igbo leaders from across states and political divides have been urging our people to ensure we get the senatorial election right by voting yours sincerely, Rt. Hon Ben Uwajumogu into the Senate. Please, let us not fail the Igbo dream. It is said that Onye mara asu, ya suo na ikwe. I say, Biko k’anyi suo n’ikwe!

I urge you, dear brothers and sisters to please give full consideration to the advantages that stand at our reach. A lion, who is not invited into the room where decisions are to be taken, will not bring anything home. Ben Uwajumogu elected Senator on APC will as a right be invited to the room and seat on the decision making table for the benefit of Okigwe and Ndi Igbo.

You know me. You know my pedigree. I have an open door. I am always accessible and available. I will never insult, abuse, nor shut my doors.
Together, let Okigwe grab the opportunity.
Your brother,



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