TRADITION: Umuaka Community in Imo State and the Osu Caste system.

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As we discuss the Osu Caste system and how it can be abolished in our society,  do you know that….

The people of Umuaka community in our own Imo State ,  categorize one of their ten villages Osu?



Other minor lower caste groups found in many kindred are given the pejorative Igbo expression of ndi ejiri goro ihe, meaning those who are sacrificial lamb to the gods. They are slaves to the gods of the community and kindred. As is the case in Umuode in Oruku community, the discrimination of the Diala against the Osu in Umuaka affects marriage and relationships of love with the Osu and the rest of the community. The Diala is traditionally and socially abhorred and forbidden to marry an Osu; intermarriage with Osu is an abomination.

In the late 1980s, the Osu people in Umuaka revolted, as they could not take the humiliation from the Diala any more. They physically assaulted a couple of women from the Diala section of the community, with the intention of transforming the women to Osu so that the Diala would reject them. 

It has been noted in the preceding sections that the Diala interact less with or avoids the Osu completely. In some communities in Igboland an Osu is regarded as a worthless human being.


Culled from article written by Victor Dike



 *Shaking my head*  How does one open his or her mouth to call someone God created worthless? Yet in Church, we are answering Knight / Lady of St. this and that?



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