Uwajumogu vs Achonu: Message from SGI, Jude Ejiogu

jude ejiogu sideMy good people of Okigwe Senatorial Zone, Isiala Mbano, Owerri West and Oru East Local Governments, tomorrow you return to the polls for the rerun elections to elect your representatives who will represent your interests in the Senate and the State House of Assembly for the next four years.

Its very important to have this at the back of your mind that you are all one. You are all brothers and sisters and despite your divergent views and different political inclinations and supports, I urge you to imbibe a very peaceful conduct as you elect the most credible candidates to represent your interest. Let’s shun violence but rather understand that those we unleash mayhem upon are still our brothers and sisters who we will still meet at home when it is all over.

May God guide you all and help us have a hitch free election tomorrow. God bless you.



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