We apologize for the break in transmission without notice; we are up and running again.

Our apologies for the small break in transmission due to circumstances beyond our control. We are up and running now.Thank you for your patience.

We will proceed with updates on governance as it pertains to the state  to blog worthy events that transpired in the last week. From the tragedy that befell the people of Umuejinwaoke (Umudagu) in Mbieri, Mbaitoli LGA on Thursday night when a tree at the Ukwu Uko evening market  fell and killed about 31 people in one sweep to the PDP lawmaker that came out speaking in tongues with praises for Governor Okorocha. Hon Jerry Alagbaso who represents the Orlu/Orsu/Oru East Federal came out publicly to applaud Gov. Rochas Okorocha’s massive infrastructural development and free education programmes. Let us hope he will not be sanction by the party for that confession..

Meanwhile, please feel free to raise any topics you would like to read on the blog. God bless you all and have a blessed week ahead.



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