What do you think about Gov.Okorocha’s ban on strip clubs in Imo State?

Not sure if this is good news or bad news to our visitors this Christmas.  Governor Rochas Okorocha is putting the strippers out of business in Imo State. On Wednesday, he ordered the immediate closure of strip clubs  describing their existence as “strange and devilish” and also debased Igbo culture.

He said strip clubs had made the eroding morality of the youths worse and warned that the government would no longer condone their destructive activities.

Gov.Okorocha also banned under-age persons from attending night clubs in the state and warned that any club found admitting such persons or selling alcoholic drinks to them would be closed down permanently.  

A top state government official told IMO STATE BLOG that the owners were hiring under aged girls who participated in LIVE SEX SHOWS under the cover of strip clubs. They had also shunned repeated warning to clean up their acts.

Governor Okorocha is in order sha but should he temper justice with mercy? People who visit strip clubs say they are harmless. Taking into consideration that we are trying to attract International investors… tourists….strip clubs have a role to play in boosting the economy too.

Going by our stripomatic calculation, Entertaining night life = prolonged Hotel stays = more money for the economy etc… or  what do you say?

 Joi John docks under the table



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