What went wrong between Father Mbaka and Gov Rochas Okorocha?

mbaka rochas

IMO STATE BLOG is ever pleased to recall any article in our archives whenever the need arises. Here’s an excerpt our post we published on May 31, 2011 about Father Mbaka’s visit to Douglas House.

“It is commendable to note that Gov.Rochas Okorocha sought the face of God before resuming official duties at the State House. A few days ago, the firebrand Rev.Fr Ejike Mbaka of the Enugu Catholic Diocese held a Private Mass for His Excellency in the Governor’s Office.

Father Mbaka described the emergence of His Excellency as a dream come true to the Country because Imo was long overdue for restoration. He also prophesied that because God was involved from the beginning, Gov.Okorocha will be the BEST Governor and, would put a smile on people’s faces.

Father Mbaka also seized the opportunity to send an S.O.S signal to the members of the OCCULT WORLD resident in IMO STATE. He warned that any occultic member with bad intentions should stay away from Govt House. He said that anybody who smells the State House with their devilistic agenda will incur the wrath of God.”

Three years later,  the same Father Mbaka is singing another song and we can’t help but wonder what went wrong between these two. READ IT HERE

Again we ask, how did this holy love turn sour ?



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