Who did Hon.Godfrey Dikeocha offend?

It has been well over one month that former Speaker, Godfrey Dikeocha was kidnapped. No communication whatsoever.  In other words, we maybe right to assume  Hon.Dikeocha spent his Easter in the Bush.  This is  unfair! Is it not bad enough that his father – in- law , Justice Eziri died after he learnt of the abduction?  What more do these hoodlums want from him?

A group of people were chatting the other day and one of them hinted that Hon.Dikeocha’s kidnap was just to teach him a lesson as he was “too pompous“,  and”  unfriendly“. It got to a point where they questioned why we were “wasting our time” writing about him here on the Blog. Haba! How can someone be   languishing in captivity and you are asking why we are wasting our ink on him?

Another person said:

 “The guy wasn’t liked at all. But, he is a human being. And someone’s husband and father. …. But that is why it pays to be good.   I pray he comes home soon. No one deserves to be treated like an animal. ..Bush…no proper food, snakes… beatings  and all.  Just for cash.. I hope this will draw him close to humanity and God…. Dikeocha’s case is worse because he brags and he is rude. Hope he won’t be killed.”

No matter how bad his character is,  please release this man for the sake of his young children. Let this also be a lesson for the rest of us.

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