Reasons why the Imo Lawmakers knelt down begging Governor Rochas Okorocha emerge.


a oro-Despite the denials from honourable Stan Dara, member representing Orsu State Constituency who is also the chairman joint task force on roads construction in the Imo State and honourable Ikechukwu Amuka who is also a member of the Taskforce and representing Ideato South State Constituency in Imo State House of Assembly, that they did not kneel down to beg Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha, there are allegations that they were actually in trouble over the purchase of asphalt for the construction of 15 kilometer road in each of the 27 local governments of the state and that they actually knelt down to beg the governor.

A source from Imo State Government House who pleaded that his name should not be mentioned in connection with the story alleged that the two men actually were in hot soup and knelt down to beg the Governor who was angry with them over the hiking of the cost of asphalt meant for the construction of the roads in the state.

He alleged that the actual cost of the asphalt for one kilometer of road is N17m whereas the two House members of the task force on Road Construction in the state, in connivance with the contractors, charged N21m for asphalt per kilometer, making a total of N60m for each of the 15 kilometers of road per local government and one billion six hundred and twenty million naira (N1,620,000,000,00).

According to him, that was why Hon Ikechukwu Amuka was holding a document relating to the purchase of the asphalt and putting the blame on Hon Stan Dara whom he said was the chairman of the Taskforce.

It could be recalled that Hon Stan dara is a two-term and high ranking member of the House while Hon Ike Amuka is a first term member who is also nursing a second term bid. Also, the Governor had said that he would construct 15 kilometer road in each of the 27 local government areas of the state, leading to the opening up of so many roads in the rural communities. But the project has since been stalled with many of the roads abandoned while many of them are now worse than they were. This has also been a low-point on the rescue mission government in the state.

Our source further alleged that the members who sweated as they begged the Governor were afraid that the Governor could initiate a stiff disciplinary measure against them in the House, stall their political ambitions in 2015 or hand them over to the anti-graft agencies for prosecution and eventual prosecution.

   “If you looked very well at the pictures, you will see that Dara was afraid and sweating; you can also see that Amuka was also very uncomfortable, and it cannot be true that they did not kneel down to the Governor or begged him over the matter I just told you about,” he said.


He also said that the Speaker who was looking on helplessly was also confused that the two members could get involved in such large scam over a responsibility entrusted to them, wondering that, that may not be all to the issue of abandoned roads in the state even in the face of a rescue government. Attempts to reach both members of the House did not yield fruit. Hon Ike Amuka did not respond to text message sent to him to explain whether the allegations are true or false. –   The Moment


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