OPINION: With all due respect, Gov.Rochas Okorocha does not think or act like a Governor.

With deep sense of responsibility and all due respect,I wish to state that Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha does not think and act like a governor.He fits the character of someone who is not from the part of planet earth where due process and the rule of law is being considered.

In fact,it is an understatement to say that he is an apology to the exalted position he occupies as a governor and custodian of law in Imo state.I am aware that this post may not go unchallenged but before anyone throws tantrum which I expect,anyway,we should look into the facts provided below so as to be well guided.

Rochas,few weeks later,as a governor-elect,moved to freeze the account of the state government even while his predecessor,Chief Ikedi Ohakim,the man he defeated in the election was still holding sway and was yet to constitutionally end his tenure.This issue drew lots of attention from different quarters including the Nigerian Bar Association which termed it illegality for a governor-elect who is not yet fully governor to freeze a state govt account.I wonder where he got such powers as if there was an office called the office of the governor-elect.Maybe it was a sign of what is to come…illegality.

Now as a governor,he started by dissolving the State House of Assembly Service Commission,without regards to due process and the rule of law.Before that,he had earlier packed the democratically elected Local Govt chairmen and their councillors.This is not withstanding the fact that he also sacked about ten thousand youths employed by the previous govt without giving some alternative to cushion the dangerous effects that came thereafter.This happened in a state that records the highest number of unemployed youths/graduates in the south east of the country.

Subsequently,the illegally sacked council chiefs sued him and the court ordered the governor to restore them back but to no avail.That controversy was assuming a dangerous dimension before he tactically and deceitfully announce via a television broadcast that he would obey the court orders.Yet,he did not allow them to work as he ‘seized’ all the DAGs and treasurers of the 27 LGAs and declared public holidays thereon.That careless and insensitive decision affected the citizens of that state who applied to join the army as they have not been able to get the LG endorsement all because the ongoing power tussle.I wonder why a man who enjoys the people’s mandate would use such mandate against the people.

Moreover,same man who also awarded contracts to his friends,family and political stooges without recourse to public procurement act and attempted to relocate the state University to his home Town and village,thanks to all men of good will who resisted such parochial move.Here was a man who claims to be the messiah of the state as he barks on the euphorial of “man with rescue mission”.

Recently,precisely a week ago,Owelle Rochas marked and celebrated his MULTI-MILLION NAIRA birthday thereby closing the schools and markets.I am still in bewilderment,where he gets inspiration for rascality and illegality.While guessing what his mental dispositions are,I regret to state that this man was into such regrettable gestures at a time when some parts of his state were being overtaken by flood with high record loss of property and human lives.I have no doubts that he is into political magic where you see little or nothing despite how long you look.

It is obvious people are living with baggage of promises being made by the governor.But,if I may ask:


1.Has he implemented the #20,000 minimum wage he promised the people?If yes,how many people have been paid?


2.Has he implemented the #100 daily UBE feeding ration that he promised primary school pupils?


3.Has he paid the WAEC and NECO fees that he promised SS3 indigenous students?


4.How far has he gone with the University scholarship that he promised Imo undergraduates as widely publicised on the media?


5.Has he justified the huge revenue he received in the last 14 months at the tone of #95 Billion excluding IGR and the almighty LG allocation which he manages alone like a family business?


6.Has he justified the #2.7 Billion he released earlier for the construction of 357 public primary schools of international standard apart from the schools being managed by his private company,ROCHE group of companies?


Written by: Duke-Bright C. Enyia







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