WORLD RED CROSS DAY: Message from Gov. Rochas Okorocha as President, Nigerian Red Cross society.


In marking the 2012 World Red Cross Day, Governor   Rochas Okorocha has  urged Nigerians to rise to the challenge of bringing help and succor to all those who suffer any form of disaster at any point in time whether natural or manmade.  He also remembered victims of the recent Boko Haram attacks in the country.


Excerpts from a  solidarity message personally signed by Governor Okorocha read as follows:

“Though we live in a society that is almost apprehensive of what tomorrow will bring forth as a result of the high level of insecurity in our land occasioned by the activities of a group of people who are hell-bent on unleashing terror on the people in the name of religious extremism, we must encourage our people especially our youths to embrace peace and non-violence as a way of life and the way to go.

Nigeria Red Cross Society uses this auspicious occasion to commiserate with the families of scores of innocent Nigerians who have lost their precious lives in the various unfortunate incidents of terrorism that have jolted our nation especially in the northern part of the country”.

“We must continue to strive to lend a helping hand to all those around us who are in need. Our attention must go in the direction of the weak, aged, sick, motherless, orphaned and vulnerable. In this wise, our humanity must come to the fore and become fully manifested. Let us all cultivate the culture of humanitarianism and imbibe the philosophy of reaching out and touching lives”


Writing in his capacity as President of the Nigerian Red Cross , Gov.Okorocha    urged young Nigerians to join the Red Cross Movement and contribute their quota towards making the world safer, better and more secure place to live.

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