Zuma’s visit: Okorocha is a Genius – HRM Eze Ohiri

In this exclusive sent to IMO STATE BLOG, Chairman of the Imo State Council of Traditional rulers, HRM Eze Samuel Ohiri has broken his silence on controversies surrounding the visit of President Jacob Zuma to Imo state where the South African leader was conferred with a traditional title.

I am not a politician. But I have watched this man Rochas Okorocha for some years now and I have come to realize this:
He is a genius. He thinks and sees far ahead of others. And those who don’t see what the man is seeing, spend their time fighting what he is seeing. But because they do not see what he is seeing, which they are fighting; they loose the fight each time and are shamed. The level of mental gymnastics that Rochas plays is astonishing and uncommon amongst Africans. Just like in other situations where people criticized him because he saw tomorrow, in no distance time, the actual benefits of Zuma”s visit to Imo State will begin to manifest, Then all those who didn’t see what Rochas saw but yet criticized Zuma”s visit will again loose the argument. The man is a Genius. How many times will a man kill a lion in Igbo land of nowadays before he is called Ogbu Agu?

In 2011 he said that if he is made a governor that he will make education free. Those who did not see what he saw criticized him and called him bad names. Today, education is truly free in all government-owned institutions in Imo state from primary to University, to the shame of those who criticized and said it was not possible. They could not see what Rochas saw.

Before 2015 Elections, he told Ndi Igbo to be smart because there will be a power shift at the center, But those who did not see what he saw criticized him and called him bad names. Today there is power shift at the center and those who criticized because they did not see what he saw are ashamed. The man is a Genius.

When he started building a magnificent Chapel at the government house, those who did not see what he was seeing criticized him and accused him of building a mosque. When he started building tunnels in Owerri, he was criticized by those who did not see what he was seeing. Today, those tunnels are being gladly used by all of us.

When Rochas started building round-abouts, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th inland roads in Owerri, those who did not see what he was seeing criticized and abused him. Today, traffic jams are gone in the city of Owerri to the delight of all of us. I mean, I have just scratched the surface in mentioning uncountable instances where this great son of Igbo land was criticized and abused by those who fight him, because they don’t see what he is seeing.

Come closer to Rochas, keep an open mind, you will be shocked. The man is a Genius. Again, the benefits of president Zuma’s visit to Imo will soon be evident for all those who didn’t see what Rochas saw, to see. Mgbe ahu, “Onu kwuru njo, abia kwue nma”

Remain Blessed.
HRM Eze Imo.



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