2019: Office of the SGI reacts to speculated governorship ambition.

jude-ejioguThe Media Department in the office of the Secretary to the Government of Imo State otherwise known as “The Cabinet Office” has read with all seriousness a piece written by one of the most vibrant Imo youths and ‘Olu Ogene Hot FM’, the golden voice of Hot FM, Chief (Dr.) Prof. Prophet Okeoma Chidiebube on his facebook account concerning the ‘Governorship Ambition of Sir Jude Ejiogu” in 2019 as rumoured by the writer.

To throw more light on Chief (Dr.)…Okeoma’s innuendos and personal suggestions, I wish to state as follows even though I have debunked this same rumour severally:

First, as far as I am concerned, Sir Jude Ejiogu is not eyeing any Governorship position now or in 2019 as insinuated by the writer, but I wouldn’t disagree with him totally, maybe he has seen the credibility and political sagacity in the Owerri North born politician who is a role model to many.

Two, a Governor has the sole right to delegate function to any of his trusted son or appointee whom he believes has the grace to command public respect as can be seen in Sir Jude Ejiogu.

Sir Ejiogu does not attend public functions for his personal gains, or for the sake of showing himself to the people, but does that on behalf of the state government with a view to giving sense of belonging to the people as one of their leaders.

Third, for the avoidance of doubt, Sir Jude Ejiogu is never in any political skirmishes with the number two citizen of the state, Prince Eze Madumere (MFR) who is also a gentle man.

Most times, I wonder where these writers get the false information concerning the relationship existing between Sir Jude Ejiogu and Prince Madumere who are brothers from Owerri zone, working assiduously for the success of our dear Imo state.

Forth, anyone insinuating about what will happen in 2019 that is still very far from now is not only challenging God, but makes himself another god that should be believed instead of the Most High God.

However, even though the youths, stakeholders, clergy, versity Dons, opinion molders, private individuals, Comrade Okeoma Chidiebube (the writer), political leaders in the state and beyond have seen the commitment, importance, credibility and antecedent of Sir Jude Ejiogu in various positions entrusted in him, should not be the reason why such insinuations would come up now that he is determined in his efforts to assist His Excellency, the Governor to deliver his electoral promises to the good people of the state.

Finally, Sir Jude Ejiogu is not eyeing any position for now, he is not in any battle with the Deputy Governor, and he is not attending public functions in view of the 2019 governorship elections in the state but for the good of the state.

When one gets to the bridge, he will know how to cross it.
Ikenna Onuoha, Anipr
SA Media and Publicity
To Secretary to the Government of Imo State



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