EJIOGU :How far can his Guber dream fly? – BY CHIDIEBUBE OKEOMA

man-question-markFor non politicians, 2019 is a far one and issues and activities reserved for the year should not be talked about any time soon. But to a politician, a typical Nigerian one for that matter, the end of one election is the beginning of an another one which comes up in a four year time. This guides him in all the actions and decisions he will take within the years leading to the electioneering year.

2019 may be three years away from now, but the political lobbying, scheming and innuendos of the next Nigeria electoral year kicked started the day these current political leaders took oath of offices. In IMO State, the race for who replaces the incumbent governor of the state, Owelle Rochas Okorocha who is constitutionally forbidden from contesting for the same position after this time out started on may 29, 2015. It is so because politicians think ahead of time. Nigerian politicians are like prophets, they see ahead of time and behave accordingly. But what distinguishes them from prophets is that while prophets see and act for reason of divinity, politicians act as a result of ovations from their associates and what the present and near future present.

jude-ejioguThe Secretary to the government of Imo State, sir Jude Ejiogu is one of the numerous politicians in the state who have started early enough to be wanting to replace his principal in 2019. Do not blame him because that is the attitude of every active Nigerian politician and considering the IMO case. IMO like every other state in the country whose governors are on second tenure, the intrigues, lobbying, setting up of structures, consulting stakeholders, making themselves visible with the people, being in the media constantly have started early enough.

The dream of the chief scribe of the state aspiring to be the governor in 2019 will be refuted by his office, but if you are a good observer of the Nigerian political system, you will understand that the Owerri North born politician is seriously nursing the ambition and will be highly pleased if the dream becomes a reality. His 2019 guber campaign structures are subtly being set up. Firstly in Owerri federal constituency, where it will transcends to the entire Owerri zone, then to the whole state. For this ambition to come to fruition, sir Ejiogu is said to be banking on the mutual and cordial relationship he enjoys with the first lady of the state, Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha.

The Secretary to the government of the state, SGI, is believed to be hoping that the first lady will have a say in who flies the flag of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, in the state, and it is reported to be playing his heart into the bosom of the governor’s wife whom might prevail on governor Okorocha to support him for the 2019 showdown. This school of thought believes that with the kind of respect and love the governor has for his wife, the governor listens to her in critical situations and that of 2019 might not be any exception .

This ambition of 2019 is said to be brewing cold war between sir Ejiogu and the Deputy governor of the state, Prince Eze Madumere who it is believed is also nursing the ambition of being the next governor. No matter how the two politicians and political party men try to hide their current indeferences from the media and public glare, the fact remains that the 2019 ambition is already tearing them apart. While the SGI is enjoying the support of the first lady and is currently scheming through her for the realization of that big dream, the number two citizen of the state is trusting the governor to anoint him. But analysts believe that the SGI is currently ahead of the deputy governor in the game and that he enjoys more of the supports in the state party hierarchy. That sir Ejiogu is also enjoying the support of the first son-in-law to the governor, who is the chief of staff to the governor, Ugwumba Uche Nwosu whom he is contemplating of contesting with.

Sir Ejiogu while discharging his duties as a top government functionary in the state, still has his eyes on the plum political position in the eastern Heartland state in the next political dispensation. The subtle media awareness is there. He had recently opened a Facebook account, which is one of the signs. He is constantly in the news these days, he regularly calls for meetings and attends more functions. He represents the governor more in functions these days . He is seen around the governor’s wife the more. He relates with the youths of the state these days unlike during the last political dispensation . He has made his position in the state more visible, active and very functional these days . These are the signs. Though I am expecting his media department to counter this piece, but you know that no one can hide pregnancies. Only time will tell.



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