His Excellency, Governor Rochas Okorocha has directed the forty traditional Rulers in the state who took him and the government to court to withdraw the suit without further delay and to also tender an apology because they took that action to insult and embarrass him and the government.

The governor gave the directive while meeting with all the traditional rulers in the state except the forty traditional Rulers who were also said to have refused to attend the meeting. The governor said for the forty traditional Rulers to have gone to court against him and the government for no tenable, tangible and justifiable reason, means they must have mistaken his patience, tolerance and respect for the people of the state as weakness.

The forty traditional rulers had gone to court on ground that the governor had suspended them and even went to the media to claim too that the court had restrained the governor from suspending them.

The governor said the traditional rulers were out to deliberately malign him and his government because he never suspended the forty traditional rulers or sacked them or even any of them as Eze, and had not taken any action that suggested that he had any plan to go against the traditional rulers and then questioned the rationale behind the traditional rulers taking him to court.

His Excellency also explained that the State Council of Traditional Rulers led by HRM Eze Samuel Ohiri does not have the right to suspend or remove any Eze from his stool. That, it is only the governor who has that right and he had never exercised such right against the traditional rulers in question.

He noted that the leadership of the traditional Rulers council only suspended four of their members from the Council and not as Ezes as to begin to suspect that they acted on behalf of the governor or the government. And the governor also went as far as going to the media to disassociate himself from the suspension of the four Ezes from the Ezes’ Council.

He also stated that the traditional rulers would not have imagined taken court action against the governor during the past regimes in the state, but they did it now because his own administration has a human face, and he decided right from the outset to respect the personality of every Imo man and woman.

The governor also directed at the meeting that whatever money that was owed the Traditional rulers in the state should be paid within a week. He also dissolved the Traditional Rulers Councils in the Local Governments because their tenures had expired long before now, while that of the state Council led by Eze Ohiri would remain because their tenure has not elapsed.

The governor urged the Ezes to take the speaking of Igbo language more serious now than they had done in the past.

Sam Onwuemeodo
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor



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