A NIGERIAN DISGRACE: The fighting Senator of the Federal Republic

 An anonymous aide of a serving Senator has just called out his Madam. He wants the whole of Nigeria to know the other side of his Boss that not many people are privy to.

According to him, he says all his Madam knows how to do best is  to “kit – up and  rub  make-up “. When she talks, the Male Senators get carried away by her Beauty that they forget that the woman talking has no tangibe project to her name in her Constituency.To make matters worse, Madam is  inaccessible. Infact, her office staff are tired of lying to people on her orders.

One time, a certain Barr. Mrs________ / former friend of the Senator paid her a visit at the Office all the way from (back home). . . . Madam refused to see her but the lady waited patiently. Apparently, Barrister was influential to securing a job at R_ _ C for the Senator ‘s Husband. When it was pay-back time, Senator looked the other way and kept avoiding the woman. Going to Abuja was the last resort.

When she got there, Madam refused to see her. As God would have it, Madam was finally ready to leave. As she walked through the sitting area, Barrister approached her and tried to talk things over with her . .(woman to woman) That turned out to be a big mistake as Madam started barking.. . before anyone could say A-P-U-G-A, next thing they heard was a resounding GBOZAAAA ! The SLAPEE was none other than our Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic. . . . . I no fit shout.

Her Aides were not really surprised. I was told that this said Senatoris ready to tear you apart anywhere, anytime. Be it in a Stadium or in the presence of Mr.President. A few months ago, she almost bulldozed a customs officer at the Airport who had politely asked her to move to the VIP Section. That was it!!! Madam Senator did not disappoint us. She started shouting and abusing the man for interrupting her. Right there in the glaring of the Public. It took the intervention of SENATOR JUBRIL AMINU to calm her down. The poor officer did not need anyone to tell him to pick race.

In her Home state, which Chief has she not fought? Who has she not abused? The one that pained me most was when I learnt that she snatched the walking stick of a certain Chief. The elderly chief was only trying to mediate matters. This shameless Highly esteemed Senator did not think twice before raining curses at the INNOCENT man.

On her Fighting Curriculum Vitae, she is also credited to challenging a former Ambassador to a point where she hooked the Diplomat and was ready to begin her display before people came to the rescue to tame her.

Father in Heaven, when will you deliver Nigeria for real? You have been trying but this one no follow.

 A whole Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. . . No shame. . . . No respect for the Office. . . .I shake my head!

These are not the kind of Representatives we prayed for. Why do you allow these kind of people to win their elections when you know they have no genuine interest in improving their Constituencies?

Other countries boast of Drama – free Legislators, our own is mixed with Female BullDogs who have no respect for their office. . . . from the upper house to the lower house.  Jehovah Jireh, Ihe anyi mere gi, gba hara biko. (Whatever we have done, O God, please forgive) Situation Critical.


Senatorial Zone –  Unknown. No contact phone number of the Anonymous Aide is available.

#Picture above is from an unrelated drama at the National Assembly.

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