Chief Mike Ahamba (SAN) warns FG on Boko Haram

Respected Lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria , Chief Mike Ahamba,has  weighed in on Boko Haram. While speaking with BluePrint, he regretted that the Federal Government did  not address the Group seriously. He further stated that dialoguing with members of Boko Haram would encourage more terrorist activities. In his words:

“It is regrettable that the federal government did not take the issue of Boko Haram seriously when it first started .We should not compare the South-south militants with Boko Haram. Dialoguing with them would encourage more terrorist activities. They should be identified and dealt with.”

In other news, a very eloquent spokesperson of the Boko Haram group granted an Interview to BluePrint on the Suicide bomber, Mohammed Manga whose last mission on Earth was to bomb the Nigerian Police Quarters. in Abuja.


How, when and where was your operation against the Nigeria Police Force headquarters conceived and executed?

Praise is to Allah. The planning of this attack is not different from the way and manner we plan other attacks around the country and in Maiduguri in particular. Although the Force headquarters was among the list of our targets, we made it a priority and acted quickly because of the empty threats of the Inspector-General of Police that he would eradicate us within two weeks.

Did you really set out for a suicide attack or was it a pre-timed explosive that went off inadvertently as is being speculated?

Of course, we planned it as a suicide attack right from the onset. The attacker left his will to his family and a message to Nigerians. We were together and he bid everyone farewell. He was calm and looked peaceful even when he had decided to give his life away; many brothers envied him and wished it was their turn to act. The bomber said he had sacrificed his life for Allah’s sake and urged other believers to do likewise. So far, we have screened nearly 100 persons for suicide attacks for this year alone in Nigeria, while more than this number are getting ready for next year.

Who was the attacker?

His name is Mohammed Manga, (but) he is popularly known as Alhaji Manga. He was from Adamawa State but he was born and brought up in Maiduguri. He was a businessman; in fact, a successful businessman, because he left over four million (naira) in his will for his two daughters and three sons.

Would you describe Manga’s operation as a success?

Of course, it was a successful operation; the police and the world know that. Initially, people thought that we only attacked places where common people are, but this time around, we attacked a high profile target. That is why you are hearing a lot of noise because the attack affected those at the very top. Henceforth, we will begin to concentrate on high profile targets.

How many bombs were in that car and what kind of car was it?

(Laughs). I was surprised when the police said the car was a Mercedes ‘V-Boot’, it was never a Mercedes. The car used for the attack was an ash-coloured Honda 86. We are surprised as to the why the police are confused anytime we strike. The bomb we used was a ready-made bomb, which we acquired from abroad. And we are going to use several of them in future attacks.

What is likely to be your next target?

In a war situation, everything is done with planning and tact. We have a list of our targets; we may only shift to a certain place if people make the kind of statements the I.G. made about our group during his visit to Maiduguri. We are urging Nigerians not to under-estimate us. We are capable of doing more than what we did at the police headquarters in sha Allah.

The leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Mr. Ralph Uwazurike, is reported to be considering adopting your method of armed struggle. Is he in contact with you?

What we are doing is purely religious. We don’t need money, we do not entertain any ethnic or regional sentiments. In our group we have Yoruba, Igbo, Nupe, Igala, Kanuri, etc. Maybe he likes what we are doing and wants to copy us to fight what even Christians see as an unjust and irresponsible government. If he kills our enemy, that is a welcome development to us.

What message do you have for the people of Nigeria?

Our message to Nigerians is that what we are doing is not politics, it is purely religious. We take our instructions from the Qur’an that urges us to fight oppression, injustice and corrupt leaders like the ones in Nigeria. We are, however, calling on the general public to cooperate with us and join this revolution to bring about change in our lives. If you cannot contribute physically, you should keep your mouth shut. And kindly desist from any act either by offering any advice or information about us to our enemies. If anyone is engaged in any activity against us, he should not blame us but he or she should blame himself.



Boko Haram has spoken. If you cannot contribute physically, keep your mouth shut! Cant stop laughing  . . . . . . no further comments biko before ndi ___________ ga e ji anu m mere Suya. He who has ears, let him hear.

Udo diri unu. Off I go!

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