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Governor_Ikedi_Ohakim_4Some local and online media have gone haywire with fake stories of Ohakim’s alleged assault on Dr.Orikeze Ajumbe, a former Chairman of the ANPP in the State, and a man who also tried to make the world believe that he was the Chairman of the Congress of Nigerian Political Parties in Imo State during Ohakim’s tenure as Governor, but who was always sneaking into the Government House, Owerri to curry one favour or the other from the Governor. However, the truth about the Ikeduru born business man and political contractor is that he tried his hands in blackmail which backfired.

When I returned from an emergency trip to Abuja on the morning of Friday, the 30th of January 2013 and read through some newspaper headlines.I tried to get across to some people who are very close to the immediate past Governor of the State, Chef Ikedi Ohakim and Dr. Vitalis Ajumbe to determine the true story concerning the injuries sustained by Dr. Vitalis Ajumbe. There is no how I would support Chief Okedi Ohakim if I confirmed that he actually abused the Ikeduru born politiician in anyway. However, I was able to deduce through my investigations that the entire incident were deliberately cooked up by a desperate and drowning political contractor and undertaker to smear the fine reputation of Chief Ohakim.

Dr. Ajumbe was not a member of the Ohakim Campaign setup, rather he tried to use his old time relationship with Ikedi Ohakim to try to infiltrate the Ohakim Campaign structure, having being sent by the incumbent Governor of the State; Rochas Okorocha. Dr. Ajumbe and his APC paymasters were not confused about the fact that Ikedi Ohakim remained the most formidable candidate who would have had little trouble wrestling power from Rochas Okorocha, hence,he was deployed by the Okorocha administration to ensure that he scuttles the chances of Ikedi Ohakim in getting the PDP governorship ticket. One of the biggest mistakes made by Chief Ohakim is to allow Chief Ajumbe the opportunity to have information on the goings on within the Bring Back Ikedi Ohakim project. It was latter discovered that everything that went on in the BBIO team was always relayed to other aspirants within the PDP and also the State Government.

Within the period that Ohakim was shuttling between Abuja and Owerri to reach out to the Party’s NWC and other stakeholders within the Party for a resolution of the impasse that followed the PDP governorship primary election, Chief Ajumbe kept pestering him for money for personal issues and Ikedi hardly denied him of these monies. In one of those occasions, he complained that he did not have money to pay his children’s school fees and Ohakim issued him with a cheque of five hundred thousand Naira, which he tried to cash across the counter, but due to extant banking rules, he was not allowed to cash this money. When the Bank manager reached out to Ohakim over the cheque, Ohakim instructed him to pay Chief Ajumbe cash and retrieve the cheque from him. All efforts made by the Bank manager and at a time Uche (Ohakim’s Personal Assistant) to give Chief Ajumbe the five hundred thousand Naira in cash was curiously rebuffed by the latter, hence, the suspicion that he was in for a blackmail.

When Ajumbe felt he had succeeded in stopping Ohakim’s chances of picking the PDP ticket, he received new briefings from the Okorocha government to the effect that the Imo PDP be polarized to effectively weaken the chances of the Party to wrestle power from the disastrous incumbent. This explains why Ajunbe kept planting stories in the media to the effect that Ohakim was getting set to dump the PDP for PPA.

My investigations show that he actually made such proposals to the former Governor who did not immediately dismiss the idea, but insisted on working out ways with the Party to ensure that the he gets justice. Ohakim actually gave him a tacit approval to that effect, as a getaway strategy in case the trouble within the Imo PDP lingered and the Party finally did not get a governorship candidate. However, when the Party finally decided to give its ticket to Chief Emeka Ihedioha, Ohakim as a loyal Party man threw his full weight behind Emeka Ihedioha’s candidature, this move rattled Dr. Vitalis Ajumbe who felt disappointed that he was not able to succeed at his game of polarizing the PDP in Imo State.

He sent text messages to some top ranking friends of Chief Ikedi Ohakim blasting the former Governor for joining forces with Emeka Ihedioha and declared that he has severed his political relationship with Ikedi Ohakim. He also made a demand from Chief Ohakim to the effect that he was being owed some money which according to him were monies he expended in trying to secure a space for Ohakim and his followers in PPA. Chief Ajumbe also went to town with the ludicrous story that Ihedioha had secured Ohakim’s endorsement with the sum of two hundred million Naira.

This is ridiculous because anyone who understands Nigerian politics well would know that the said amount is too paltry to be used in settling a man who ran such an intimidating governorship campaign. Ajumbe has the right to feel bad about Ohakim’s decision to support a longtime and political confidant in his governorship, but his desperate attempts at smearing the image of the former Governor is inexcusable. Ohakim has advised all his followers and supporters to join forces with Emeka Ihedioha to ensure that the PDP retakes Imo State from the deceptive APC government, but he cannot compel anyone to follow his advice on that. Dr. Kelechi Okpaleke feels he could not do that, hence, he has defected to the APC, and this is what I expected Ajumbe to have done, instead of trying to force his unpopular idea on Ohakim.

On the day when Chief Ajumbe sustained the injury which is being circulated as an assault on his person by some media platforms, Chief Ajumbe visited Ohakim in his PREFAB residence with two other people. He was welcomed by Ohakim and while they sat out in Ohakim’s poolside, Ohakim discovered that Ajumbe whom till then he still took as a friend was tape recording their discussions. The midget recorder in his breast pocket gave him away. Ajumbe smartly tried to remove the midget recorder from his breast pocket, but it fell off from him and as he made to pick it up, he slipped and fell headlong, hitting his head on a table. Ohakim invited some of his aides to help clean him up, and offered first aid treatment to him. Ohakim did not expect that Chief Ajumbe would be going to the hospital for such a minor injury, especially as he has been treated by his aides and even himself.

However, a reliable source informed me that Chief Ajumbe reached out to a top official of the State Government who advised him to go to the hospital in order to achieve the media hype required to tarnish the former Governor’s image. It was also discovered later that Chief Ajumbe had sent a text message to an editor of an Imo based tabloid just before he went to Ohakim’s house, telling him to rush to Ohakim’s house that Ohakim was killing somebody in his house.

The text messages he exchanged with this editor have been obtained by me and will be released when necessary. Ajumbe came to Ohakim with the mindset that as a former Governor, Ohakim must have some trailer loads of hard cash to throw around. But Ohakim is not a thief, he did not steal Imo people’s money when he was Governor, hence, you don’t see him throwing money around.

Before you believe whatever blackmail being bandied by Ajumbe in conjunction with the Imo State Government, ask the following questions:

1. How could Ohakim be so stupid to want to kill a man, and in his own house, too?

2. If Ajumbe had known Ohakim as someone who is capable of killing anybody, why did he have the courage of going to his house in the dead of night?

3. If Ohakim actually wanted to brutalize Ajumbe, did he need to do it himself, couldn’t he have invited any of his aides or even police details to take care of Ajumbe, if there was any such need?

4. If Ajumbe is not a blackmailer and a failed political contractor, why does he have to be calling officials of the State government to report on what happens in Ohakim’s house?

5. At what point did Ajumbe become the Chairman of the PPA or its ticket giver that he is now the one fixing candidates for that political Party?

6. How is it possible that an average Nigerian politician would go ahead to spend his personal money on another person’s political project like Ajumbe is claiming?

7. If Ajumbe was not confident that Ohakim is a good man who cannot as much as hurt a fly, would he have had the temerity to confront a man who should still be nursing the wounds of his loss in the PDP governorship primary?

Lies may endure for a night, but the truth thrives forever.




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