Inside scoop on what led to Dr.Vitalis Ajumbe’s broken head at Ohakim’s residence.


So a few days back, we read that the immediate past governor of Imo State, Chief Ikedi Ohakim physically assaulted his ex- confidant, Dr. Vitalis Orikeze Ajumbe. Ajumbe granted a press conference from his sick bed and told them how he was beaten to stupor and manage to escape the former governors residence before his broken head was shattered to pieces.

Your friends at IMO STATE BLOG worked overtime to get the real scoop behind Ajumbe’s broken head. We spread our tentacles far and wide and this is what we learnt:

Dr.Ajumbe arrived Chief Ikedi Ohakim’s Pre-fab residence in the company of two other acquaintances of his. According to what IMO STATE BLOG was told, Ajumbe began recording his conversation with Ohakim secretly however, few minutes into the recording, the red indicator light gave him away. It caught Chief Ohakim’s attention and all hell broke loose. In the process of scuttling for the recording device, a wooden fork (one of the decorative pieces in the dinning area) found its way to Dr.Ajumbe and landed on his head. We leave the rest to your imagination…

IMO STATE BLOG was also informed that that Dr. Vitalis Ajumbe was found to have divulged confidential information on campaign activities for TEAM BBIO leading up to the governorship primaries. When information got to Chief Ikedi Ohakim, he cut off communication with Ajumbe . When it finally dawned on Ajumbe that he had been cut off from the circle, he resorted to blackmail.

We would like to seize this opportunity to reach out to Dr. Vitalis Ajumbe. Once he must have fully recovered , he is welcome to respond to this issue of blackmail and anything else he forgot to tell the pressman who visited his bedside.





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