Campaign romance EXPOSED: Dumped Lover girl storms Govt.House

IMO STATE BLOG was minding its business yesterday afternoon when a very loyal reader who works at the Government House, Owerri  informed me of an incident that had played out before their very eyes.

According to the source, an ex girl friend of one of our Principal officers  in the State Executive Council stormed the Government house without an appointment in search of her lover. Apparently, she enjoyed a sweet relationship with the said Principal officer during the Election Campaign.

Fast forward through the busy demands of the office, the Principal officer had no other option than to distance himself from her so as not to tarnish his IMPECCABLE image.

Since Mohammed   refused to go to the Mountain, the girl decided to carry her Mountain to Mohammed at the Government House. Though her visit was unannounced, she wasnt prepared for the cold treatment she received upon her arrival.When it dawned on her that her former lover  turned Principal officer had no intentions to see her, she broke down in tears and began running her mouth. According to the amused staff, the   girl sobbed continuously and kept lamenting that if she had known, she wouldnt have given her goodies up to the Principal officer and he would pay dearly for using and dumping her.

Hahahahahahaha – Shaking my head!

As they say, whatever goes on in the dark shall surely come to light. Anyway, who would blame the poor girl?  Maybe she had been promised an appointment as Commisioner or Special Assistant  and was disappointed in the end . . . . LOL

Well, since we were not there when they  were going bumper to bumper, there is no need to drink panadol for anybodys headache.

All I can say is,  MEN should always remember that HELL HATH NO FURY THAN A WOMAN SCORNED. If the woman was good to ________ with in Private, why deny her in the open?

And as for the girl, Why embarrass the married man in his office? A whole Government house for that matter?  Did he promise you marriage or are you pregnant?

If you are, and it is obvious he has dumped you and is now trying to avoid you, why dont you  come right here on IMO STATE BLOG and air your story?

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