Why crucify Gov. Okorocha when Ondo State Gov.Mimiko has 563 aides?

A very simple question that needs a straight-foward answer. My own problem with the list is that these newly appointed Special Assistants would earn 10 times more than the 10,000 youths who were laid off from their jobs in the State. That is where I have a problem.

To think that these SSA’s and SA’s would have their own Personal Assitants, Drivers, Etc. . . .  its painful to know that the less priviledged were denied an opportunity to earn a living. As they say, it is better to teach a man how to fish than to give him fish.  If you dont employ them and give them a source of livelihood, should we complain when we start hearing stories of Kidnapping, Armed Robbery and Violence in the city?

Let us watch and see what Gov.Okorocha has in mind for these 10,000 youths. I refuse to believe that the State would have provision to pay Salaries/ Allowances to the newly appointed aides and not have the basic N18,000 minimum  wage salary to pay the youths. Correct me if i am wrong, 18,000 x 10,000 = ?  Please bring out your calculators and figure it out . When your done, solve the math equation with the figure gotten from the Salaries of these distinguished Special Assistants multiplied by 94.

No matter the alarming figure before you on the Calculator,  I still maintain that we should ease off on the insults being thrown on Our Governor. He is going to make good decisions and being human, he will make some decisions that may not go well with us. Before we crucify him, let us have our facts right.

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